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  1. I don't know IDP, but would think you could get more than this if moving down.
  2. We traded for a Hyde a couple of months ago and I am feeling some buyer's remorse going into the draft. That said, bought at late first-round value, whereas I have Benjamin over every receiver in the draft and easily worthwhile of a mid 1st to a competing team. If the Niners do not draft a running back, this is a breakeven trade, but the downside squarely rests on the team receiving Hyde in my opinion.
  3. 2.6? I'd need 1.6. Though I was buying Hernandez for late 2nd when none of the facts has surfaced.
  4. I like competitive advantages, and am willing to accept the risk in Gronk to have that advantage when he is in the lineup. When he isn't in the lineup, I can start my TE2.
  5. Standard 1 PPR I would go with the pick. TE premium I would go with Higbee
  6. TE premium I give 1.2 for Kelce, give me 2.8/1st/2nd over Ebron.
  7. Give me Prescott, Gurley, Henry here. I'm a Dak believer, 8+ years of 22+ PPG is an anchor to a superflex lineup.
  8. I'll take my chances with the draft picks, hopefully even if I have a false sense of hope that Ingram puts me over the edge.
  9. Just saw Bryant/2.12 for 1.8 in a PPR Dynasty.
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