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  1. I'll take the risk on Bryant. Losing some faith in Moncrief, I'll take the starter in Reed.
  2. Agreed. The rookies will only rise in real drafts, exponentially more so after we see the landings. Dynasty ADP in Jan-March is always heavily favored toward veterans.
  3. Team A Gave 1.10, 2.5 Team B Gave Sterling Shepard, 2018 2nd
  4. Terrific trade. Not on board with Diggs as a perennial WR2.
  5. I'll take Julio. As much as I like Cooper, Julio has several more years of 18-20 PPR PPG. Cooper could get there sure, but give me the guy who is currently the competitive advantage.
  6. It goes back to Alshon's final year in college, pre-draft process, combine, etc. There was a negative connotation of the guy from the get-go (which allowed me to get him as a late 1st in rookie drafts of most of my leagues at the time). Then, he shows he clearly has Pro Bowl talent, but still some negative connotations around his off-field, interest in playing through injuries, you name it. There will always be 4 owners out of 12 of every league who don't feel comfortable valuing Jeffery as WR12 or better - that probably doesn't change. Depending on which side of the table you reside, it's an opportunity to get a horse at a discount. As a buyer, you just have to know you can't expect to go to market and sell him at WR12 or better value - you are buying to use him, not to re-sell him. Even a strong season for Jeffery is unlikely to move the needle in terms of flip value - those owners who don't like him have their mind made up. I think he presents incredible value with all the Jeffery "buys" I've seen in this thread.
  7. Unless I'm up against the cuts, I'll take the duo. Based on where Landry's value value came out in the dynasty threads of an early 3rd, he's a prime flip candidate after making the 1 for 2.
  8. Top 10 finish on a PPG basis is likely. Health is bigger question than targets.
  9. FFPC, TE Premium Team A gave Brandin Cooks (core is now Stafford, MGordon, Howard, Freeman, Julio, Adams, THill, Fuller, Gronk) Team B gave Davante Adams, 2018 1st (core is now Dalton, CJA/Booker, Gio, Prosise, Cooks, Crabtree, Tate, Rudolph, Graham)
  10. Fine with the Brady deal. Do not like the Thomas deal though.
  11. Tough call, but knowing the league, I think both teams got better here. The owner getting Cooper is ready for a top 4 finish after building for the better part of the first 4 years of the league and was now stocked with value. He has a lot of value at WR but very little guaranteed production. Watkins, Diggs, K White, Doctson, so Cooper is his true long-term WR1 and he had enough question marks. The owner getting Keenan also appears ready for a playoff push, assuming Keenan matches Cooper in that 15-17 PPR PPG range, he gets a "free" WR3-4 in Matthews, and some additional upside darts. Personally, I was happy to see the deal go down, as the team getting Cooper lost some of the value he had amassed over the years. That said, I see it from his standpoint as Matthews/Rawls/2.5 aren't must haves. Good trade and I don't think Cooper was moving for anything less.
  12. I've been on buy side (at ~WR16-18) and sell side (at ~WR10-12) of Coleman this off-season. I'd stick with Coleman in this one.
  13. That was the thought - our steepest competition trots out a lineup of Cousins - Elliott / Gordon / Howard - Brown / Beckham / AJG - Gronk with Ingram, DMurray, and Allen on the bench, and he has finished 1st, 4th, 1st in the last three years. We placed 2nd, 1st, 2nd this year, and felt the 5-7 point upgrade was the only thing that was going to move the needle from 2nd to 1st with his lineup. Leaves us with Julio / Cooks / Adams / Shepard at WR. Our lineup will (hopefully) jump 5-7 from Evans to David Johnson, and then sub out Crowell for Ertz, which should also provide a couple point boost. Would have loved to pay a bit less, but added 3.3 for DGB as we had the space. Fine on losing a bit of value on the trade given the above factors, and now have 3 1sts next year and 2 2nds to backfill with value or use during the year.
  14. Today is a somber day. After three years of holding the guy in FFPC, I finally let go of Josh Gordon. On a serious note, Tyreek Hill's value seems to be all over the place, I have firmly in the WR20ish mix with upside for higher. To help with cuts, and potentially establish a higher weekly floor with a somewhat-risky Keenan Allen as my current WR2, Adams now slots in to a flex where the weekly choice will be between he, Shepard and Rudolph (1.5 PPR) - alongside Freeman, Gordon, Howard, Julio, Allen, Kelce, it was important to get the last weekly 14+ PPR guy with a better floor. That said, if Reid truly does up Hill's snaps as he is suggesting, Hill could prove to be more valuable asset. GAVE Tyreek Hill, Josh Gordon GOT Davante Adams
  15. I have always preferred to push my chips towards prototypical athletes. That said, I am surprised to see owners dealing Tyreek for a late first or a player like Perriman. Even as a part-time player, the guy averaged nearly 16 in PPR. Does he take a next step? Does he need to to justify being worth more than a late first? Although he was drafted out of a small school, let's not forget he was a highly touted high school prospect. Where I own, I am not selling for close to the trades I have seen, and where I don't own I am price checking.
  16. As much as you have to love a guy like Thomas after his terrific rookie season, there are still some risks. I go back to a deal I made after Nicks' rookie season, dealing Calvin Johnson for Nicks and Stone Cold Miles Austin. That deal lost me two years of championships!
  17. In FFPC, I side with Kelce over Thomas, and I love Thomas. Kelce is a top 10 player in FFPC in my book with consistent 20 point weekly upside, just as Gronk is top 5. These guys win championships. I feel great about my off-season acquisitions of Kelce in the FFPC leagues I did not already own him. GAVE Corey Coleman, Will Fuller | GOT Travis Kelce GAVE 1.4, Matt Ryan, Cameron Brate | GOT Travis Kelce, Maxx Williams, 2.10 GAVE 1.2, Matt Ryan, CJ Fied | GOT Travis Kelce, 1.9, 2.9 I don't own Kelce in 1/6 leagues as the other owner has him as top 10 player as I do and we can't make the math work.
  18. A lot of trades I'd deem as fair or even, depends on roster makeup. Eifert for 1.8 and a third is crazy dirt cheap. I'd give up two seconds for Gio and a third all day. Cheap cost for White which I'd easily pay. Getting 3.3 for Aiken in this format is a win. Was on the buying ends of Eifert and White, and agree both were no brainers. Was on the selling side of Gio. I needed one last cut and didn't need another 12 point guy and he had no market when I poked around. Concur re: Aiken, was planning on dropping him frankly.
  19. Various trades I’ve done this off-season in FFPC (1.5 PPR for TE). A: Julius Thomas, 1.11 B: 2017 1st (estimated mid) A: 2017 1st (estimated late), 1.11, Jon Stewart B: Martavis Bryant, 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Matt Stafford B: 4.3 A: 1.4, Ebron B: Devonta Freeman, 3.8 A: Davante Adams B: 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Demaryius Thomas, Eric Ebron B: Devonta Freeman, 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Danny Woodhead, 5th B: Devin Funchess A: 1.8, 3.2 B: Tyler Eifert A: Gio Bernard, 3.8 B: 2.9, 2017 2nd (estimated mid-to-late) A: Charcandrick West, 4.11, 5.11 B: 3.6 A: Devin Funchess, 1.12, Charcandrick West B: Kevin White A: Kamar Aiken B: 3.3 A: Christine Michael B: Jaelen Strong
  20. Not holding my breath that this cat gets truly unleashed. I don't see Ajayi being the more talented player, but he'll certainly cut in some. As Todem mentioned (though Todem's ceiling looks off), he won't need volume touches to be a quality RB2 in PPR, as he was already that this past year, finishing RB13 in PPR PPG at 14.2. I'm hopeful we see 2-3 more total touches per game, which for a high efficiency Miller could result in RB7-8 finish at 16-17 PPR PPG.
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