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  1. Yes, watching Dez was very tiring. Projecting his 15 games to 16 games yielded 67 grabs, 989 yards, and 10 TD, or 225 in PPR, or 14.1 per game, or roughly WR20. Just terrible for a second year player!
  2. Nice job with the early radar call on this guy and then sticking to your guns amidst the chaos. Anyone can make 20 calls and get a couple right. I don't think that's what you did in November. And it matters little if Quick ends up not living up to 2nd round draft position either. You win already. And I'd also like to commend you on not copy/pasting your thoughts on a prospect from another site/blog.
  3. In terms of PPR points, this equates to 287, and while I agree that he will be in this range, I disagree that we can expect an assumed yards per catch of just 12.6. His game is simply too vertical.Why haven't we seen him let loose vertically yet? Who should we blame?He and Romo were visibly not on the same page last season. It was apparent that Dez wasn't running the right routes which frustrated Romo, and rightfully so. It was easier to get Dez on quick routes and let him dominate his way to 14.5 yards per catch. Also, Romo wanted to get rid of the football before getting crushed in the ribs again (an admirable, productive year for Romo, this cat doesn't get enough credit). Lastly, is Laurent Robinson an All-Pro? Of course he isn't. Is he an above average, reliable WR3? You're damn right he is. Why should Romo force it against top coverage or wait until the route develops when Robinson is getting loose?Sure, Dez likes to buy Jordans and jewelry. And he might have even forgotten his belt when taking a stroll around the mall. He had a sense of entitlement when he was young, but he has been humbled. More importantly than these items, Dez is hungry.. hell, starving.He's the second best red zone threat in the league behind Calvin, and there are few players as deadly with the football after the catch. Sure, he will still battle the occasional mental mistake, but when you take a step back, take into account all there is to take into account with this player, the risk premium is pretty low. He's been avoided by a huge group of dynasty owners because of his "knucklehead factor".There are only three WRs I want more in a dynasty format than Dez. Only two of which I can look myself in the mirror with a gun to my head and say are "better" than him. The third has an arguably similar upside as Bryant without the risk premium, so it makes sense to default to Dez as the WR4.Although I'd not be surprised if Dez turned out several 15 TD years, that is always tough to predict as a median. I'm going to leave his prior year yards per catch roughly the same. He will get plenty more deep looks, but they would be smart to get him the ball on more quick routes as well. I also wouldn't be surprised if he approached 100 catches this season, but think it might be year 4 before we see PPR numbers in the 300's (it's coming).Dez deserves to get fed, and I have absolutely no doubts that he is going to have a feast fit for a king.Annual: 85 catches, 1230 yards, 13 TD = 286 PPRWeekly: 5.3 catches, 77 yards, .81 TD = 17.9 PPRBut in the meantime - haters gonna hate.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I don't play in IDP leagues anymore.

  5. Mixing religion or not, Rivers is a great guy, and he is the most miscast player in the NFL. My best friend in highschool was battling cancer at the time when Rivers was a star at NC State. My friend was a diehard State fan and his family never missed a game. Phillip visited Tom once or twice a week when he was at Duke hospital before he passed, not because he had to, but because he cared. I spent time with Phillip during this period as he went with Tom and I bowling, to the movies, whatever the case may be. I've been around many professional athletes and I can safely say Phillip is a rare breed.
  6. He was bumped up. I wrote about him at the top of this page.I didn't see you moved him up because he is still listed at 1 pt.
  7. Maybe with Antonio Pittman taking the #2 job, he should be bumped up a bit in the rankings. At only 21, the guy could have future value.
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