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  1. What I’ve been saying all offseason - seeing Mixon’s value this offseason hold if not rise was a prime reason I was fine moving up to take Chubb at 1.3-1.4 across the board. I don’t think Mixon’s on Chubb’s level once the dust settles in 2019.
  2. Couple small deals in FFPC, I'm not involved: Team A Gave 3rd Team B Gave Danny Amendola Team A Gave 2nd (looks late, but it's mine, so of course it looks late to me ) Team B Gave Chris Hogan
  3. (ETA: If not superflex...) I'm OK with that deal as I'm not that high on McKinnon at value. I like Corey but don't have him as top 5-8 guy, more in the 8-12 range, and there are several guys in 12-20 who I feel have a strong upside, so I like adding the 22 PPG guy here. ETA: Just noticed this is 2 QB, that would slant the deal towards the package for me.
  4. What a great move for Buffalo. Really no downside.
  5. Browns eager to unleash RB Nick Chubb, their quiet, confident rookie with proud history of overcoming adversity Love this guy - talent, mentality, taking his craft seriously (including taking care of his body), quiet confidence.
  6. I’ll take Evans, but don’t think it’s too far out there.
  7. FFPC is what Dez and Zyphros were referring to, so no asterisk was needed as I was the one piggy-backing.
  8. Michel didn’t go before #7 in any of my 6 FFPC leagues.
  9. I’m not a Sony fan. He was my #10 and Gallup my #13. I didn’t land either in rookie drafts as I focused on other players. Moving down three spots and adding Bryant on the cheap is a bet I’ll make all day.
  10. And if not wrong, at least a bit presumptuous.
  11. I’m as high as anyone on Shepard so I’m fine with the deal. If you got yourself a guy in your 15-20 WRs dynasty tier, the deal is reasonable. For all we know, Andy looked to the other WRs in his 15-20 tier and couldn’t get a late 1st added when he inquired on dealing AJ. If he didn’t, he should have. At worst, I’m sure he shopped AJ and didn’t like a package better than Shepard/1st. If I sell below market which I will, I get someone I like more than the market and didn’t like what else I could get on a declining asset.
  12. Dispersal draft is the only way I went when I was commishing leagues.
  13. Different leagues, FFPC (1.5 for PPR for TE) Deal 1 Team A Gave Kevin White Team B Gave Adam Shaheen Deal 2 Team A Gave Tyrell Williams Team B Gave Adam Shaheen Deal 3 Team A Gave 2019 1st (1.8-1.12), 2019 2nd (1.8-1.12) Team B Gave Mike Gesicki
  14. I’ll take Barkley. Not been a Penny believer and Kamara though I love carries more risk to me than Barkley. I was playing dynasty when Bush was coming out, and remember him being a top choice and a top 5 overall PPR player after his rookie year. There are some similarities in how Kamara has established his value, and I would rather bet Barkley being more of the prototypical back with potentially more staying power.
  15. Thanks @Bracie Smathers for posting the link in the overall training camp thread. 5 Browns who have shined through 5 days of training camp RB Nick Chubb: Nicknamed “Old School” by teammate Duke Johnson, Chubb has lived up to that moniker in practice, turning heads with a physical, no-frills running style that’ll surely endear himself to fans in Cleveland. “He’s a football player and a really good football player,” Jackson said. “There’s a lot to him more so than what people think because he just looks like the guy that comes downhill and here we go, but he has some versatility to him, as well. There are some instincts, real runner’s instincts that I see. I think that he’s a talented runner.”
  16. Crowder alone, not a huge fan of his and own him nowhere. Miller. Did that really happen? Gesicki.
  17. As someone who drafted Duke in numerous devy leagues in his time at Miami, and drafted him in nearly every league in the 1.11-2.2 range as a rookie, I’m still a Duke fan and loves what he brings to the field, but his presence as a pass catcher doesn’t stop Chubb from being a value at 1.3 or better in rookie drafts. He’s the 1.1 in most classes in my book, including last year’s crew with Fournette, Mixon, McCaffrey. Seeing him drop to 1.5-1.8 in various leagues has been the head scratcher of this year’s rookie class, again my opinion I understand that. I see one prolific talent when I watch him.
  18. Nice situational call with Chester and AP. Also, Murray and Cook more recently. Murray is/was competent enough as a short-term lead back.
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