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  1. Don’t like your net; even though I liked your first deal.
  2. Agreed. Should be able to get a 3rd. I’m not expecting much and wouldn’t buy but have to believe someone would.
  3. Ridley outside of my top 14. 1st plus DT easily for me.
  4. Don’t love Breida by any means but I’m fading McKinnon so would rather hold out hope for more at some point.
  5. Except for Engram’s value is tied to an amazing rookie year. Ebron had 25-250-1 in his rookie year. Engram had 64-722-6 in his rookie year. Bit of a difference..
  6. ...but didn’t answer my question. Do you play in any 1.5 PPR for TE leagues?
  7. Hill very similar to Engram with Diggs much lower due to my expected PPG upside.
  8. Historically, I’ve valued a top TE more than most of my leaguemates which is why on most teams I have Gronk and Kelce. In my book, Kelce has been top 12 player for the last three years, and Gronk a top 3 player for the last six years. Given my love for the horse TE in the format, Engram is next up. he wasn’t quite dominant in his rookie year, and there’s a chance he never gets to the Kelce/Gronk level, with the risk that he regresses (or remains even) with Odell back, Shepard taking a next step, and Barkley in town. All that said, If I was doing a start-up in FFPC I can promise you
  9. Love Chubb, Gordon, Washington side. Ideal sell-out of AJ.
  10. If I'm dealing Evans, I need at least one anchor top 24 asset in the process. Team B didn't get that.
  11. Freeman > AJ by a couple spots, Goff > Mariota by a couple spots.
  12. I'll take Gronk. Not expecting McKinnon to live up anywhere near his 4th round start-up value/cost and dip back in to a 8-12th round obscurity. I like Fuller, but not enough.
  13. This last point is a head scratcher to me, as this class is quite possibly class I've seen in 15 years of dynasty going in to August. Things can change and a year from now all these guys might have proven to be busts, sure. But I still wouldn't expect someone looking at this class to say, "dump the late 1sts, they are worth less than in prior years." A historically strong RB draft (not just for draft positioning and landing) coupled with several lower-floor WRs and the late 1st this year nets a typical 1.5/1.6 in my book. If you like Cobb and Goff that much than you got a great deal, I ju
  14. No offense, but your deal is zero indication of market value. You traded two double digit startup values for a late 2nd/early 3rd.
  15. Good deal in 1 PPR across the board. Edge to Engram and Sammy.
  16. I agree. Brown owners are wise to send out offers. The offers I’ve received without me asking for him were still valuing him as a top 5 overall dynasty value which ain’t happening. Getting Barkley much more exception than rule, or at least I’d hope.
  17. Henry's the only top 50 player. I like getting KJ much more than Miller and think it's a fine exit.
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