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  1. That's a reasonable deal, especially if it's 1 PPR across the board.
  2. 74/1110/9 for 239 PPR rec, throwing 80 rushing yards behind his name too, probably a bit conservative as he can get that on two end arounds. 247 PPR
  3. Quite light. JuJu shouldn't move for anything less than 1.2 in rookie pick. I value him clearly behind Barkley, but well ahead of the 1.2.
  4. While I agree anything can happen, should be 1.11/1.12. QB Cam, A Smith RB Kamara, Freeman, Guice, Chubb, Kerryon, Hyde WR MThomas, Julio, Evans, Hill, Gordon, Bryant TE Gronk, Kelce, ASJ
  5. I like this one for you. I'll take the near guaranteed 16 points with upside for more. Freeman is 26. The market is clearly higher on Mixon today, but who is to say that Mixon doesn't tumble down boards if he starts slow.
  6. 1.9 by a wide, wide margin. I like Shepard over Hilton moving forward in dynasty. Picks, but expecting Jeffery to have a big year nonetheless.
  7. First of all, JuJu is extremely high on my board to begin with. Even if one liked Penny (or Chubb, or RoJo, Sony, Royce, whomever), in my book they still should stay far, far away from dealing JuJu for a maybe. Is JuJu a maybe? I’ve seen enough to project big. JuJu is a 2nd rounder vs Penny as a 5th rounder for me, ADP aside. I don’t even not like Penny. So I stand by my comment, it’s fine if you don’t want to admit you got an amazing deal. And no, I wouldn’t deal JuJu for Chubb, I’d need 1.5 Chubb’s.
  8. I could not get nearly that value when I was open to dealing Lewis in the one FFPC league where we own. He could present a nice value, but I wouldn’t have traded the 1st
  9. I can’t believe there are folks on the Penny side. A big mistake to me. Even two Pennies don’t equal a JuJu.
  10. Cam fan. Panther fan. Moore fan. But it’s a weird combo and not expecting big things in year 1. 40/550/4, not startable most weeks with a few big weeks, keeps similar but ever so slight of a regression in value going in to his second season.
  11. Easy deal to make. Ajayi isn’t nearly valuable enough to bridge the gap.
  12. The 1st and 2nd picks should be swapped, at the very least. Evans handily.
  13. It’s a weird year. Not because RBs are being overvalued and owners are stupid, but because there are so many strong RB prospects in one season. This is my 15th season playing dynasty and I cannot remember this number of quality RB options drafted in potential long-term starting roles. Will they all succeed? Of course not. Sutton “falling” to 1.10-2.2 is not surprising. Of the WRs in the draft, Kirk and Moore both are surer bets. Sutton fans may argue Sutton has more upside but he also is much more likely to bust in my eyes. I ended up landing him in zero leagues as I moved up a pick or t
  14. I’m with you. I’ll take 1.1-1.6 next year over Penny. If it’s a playoff team it’s a bad deal for you though.
  15. Or 3? I doubt majority of Davis owners are clamoring to buy Chubb. Most Davis owners were high on him if they drafted him and may or may not also like Chubb. Both players have plenty of upside and plenty of risk. I’m shocked we saw a deal involving the two, because it says the owner who dealt Davis (and thus probably liked Davis) must really like Chubb. Which I am interested in knowing which owners are riding with me going ChooChoo on the ChubbTrain
  16. I don’t like McCaffrey enough to make this deal. If it’s a RB I have ranked similarly in my 9-12 range, I probably am fine with this deal.
  17. Always a quick way to shut someone up from yapping. Queue the “I don’t feel like my paying my deposit yet” garbage.
  18. I prefer Gordon over Sammy. At least I know Gordon is capable of a really big year.
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