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  1. Excited to see what he does and not really scared with Thompson being the pass down specialist. If anything a quality guy like Thompson can keep them from signing bell cow competition. If Guice gets it rolling on early downs, he’s going to be tough to take off the field. And I believe he is competent enough in the pass game by w8 where he isn’t getting pulled as much if WAS is leading or in a closer game. He plays with a lot of intensity, I expect the team to feed off of energy as he extends plays. There will be enough for Guice to be a successful back and Thompson to have his role catching a fair number of passes.
  2. While I like Davis enough, I agree, I’m not moving Chubb for Davis, let alone the downgrade from Mack to Washington. Davis can keep getting compared to DT but it’s a stretch that his career production totals sniff DT levels, obviously my opinion. when you have so many quality options at WR, guys like Shepard are available at half the cost of Davis, and guys with historical early career starts like Cooks are available at the same cost as Davis, keep or take the guy who can really move the needle.
  3. What we will never disagree on is Gordon’s talent or upside. I died a little inside when I traded him, it’s been a long ride and luckily still have a few shares elsewhere.
  4. FFPC (1.5 PPR for TE) - GAVE Josh Gordon, 2019 1st GOT Nick Chubb The only draft I didn’t land Chubb, but now own him across leagues. Deal leaves the team thin in draft capital and WRs, but fully expecting the future 1st to be 1.11-1.12 with Cam - Gurley, Zeke, Fournette, Chubb - Hill, JuJu - Kelce, Gronk as the core. I believe this deal will allow us next offseason to deal Zeke or Fournette for a WR1+ heading in to 2019, if we want, while still likely taking home another title this season. Or maybe we keep all four to not risk not winning a title, I don’t mind being RB/TE heavy in FFPC.
  5. To be clear I would deal Julio for the 4/7, but I also don’t think it’s a crazy offer. Now the deal with JuJu, 1.3 is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. I like Chubb more than Mixon, and I do like Mixon. Assuming you feel the talent is similar between the two (I prefer Chubb), Mixon we already know had a rookie year where he did not deliver as a fantasy starter. Going in to year two there is still a fair amount of speculation. If he has another lackluster season, his value is quite depressed Chubb may similarly have a rookie year where he does not deliver, or do better. Now we also know Mixon is in a better spot to be a fantasy starter this year, but Chubb has an upside to be in a far better value spot than Mixon heading in to Chubb’s second year. Frankly seeing Mixon’s value in trades in the terms of rookie picks he garnered is the prime reason why I’m comfortable drafting Chubb and waiting a year if that is what it takes. At worst, he’s Mixon, at best he’s...? Mixon is high on my value chart so I like the a lot, but I don’t own him anywhere because if I did I was moving him to get another crack at two Chubb’s
  7. I’d pay it if I needed to ensure the title but I don’t value Sanders and Rudolph that much so it’s sacrificing the 7, which if meant the title I would consider it.
  8. 1.9 > McKinnon, but getting the 2.1 back is nice. Lost most faith in Funchess.
  9. 1.9 easily. The thirds are for free.
  10. Guice alone is a far superior asset, the 1st is on the wrong side. I like Drake’s upside substantially more than Collins, good deal for Drake.
  11. I think you paid too much, given Njoku's value is extremely likely to surpass Henry while being someone you maybe use this year, and I don't see Thielen as an upgrade over Kupp (don't love either guy). Not sure where the 1st and 2nd are necessary with this one.
  12. Interesting as I could not even get a 4th for Robby where I owned him. Certainly qualifies as one of the owrst trades I've ever seen given the owner essentially gave us away for picks for free. That's about right.
  13. I love both Chubb and Kelce, and agree in non-PPR that Chubb > Kelce.
  14. Late 1st assuming McKinnon serves as an RB2, or guaranteed late 1st? I would not be dealing a future 1st for McKinnon unless I knew for sure I was 1.10-1.12.
  15. I like the idea of selling Lynch and ultimately fine with the deal, but hard pressed to believe there wasn’t a better deal out there as you also had to give the futures while losing 4.6 which isn’t much different for me than 3.5.
  16. That was the toughest call to make, as I think we did sacrifice some value to buy back Drake (sold him earlier in the off-season in that league). I almost cringed when accepting this one. Feel we overpaid a bit but own that team's future 1st and taking Drake all but assures he misses the playoffs and adds another dart for the 1.1. Though we dealt our future 1st, we still have three darts with 1.1 potential. With Bell, Gordon, Freeman, Drake, and Chubb in the wings, we are all bit assured to start 3 RBs every week with Julio, Hill as starters (JuJu, Fuller, Kirk, KB on bench) and Gronk. Will look at dealing one of the veteran RBs for similarly valued WR/TE as we are a bit top heavy at RB, but not dealing the RB points to a competitor, as less than a repeat will be a disappointment, especially when considering the future 1sts can back-fill future value.
  17. Deals in various FFPC leagues last week during rookie drafts. Deal 1 GAVE 2019 3rd (3.10-3.12) GOT 4.7, 4.8 Deal 2 GAVE Kenyan Drake, 2019 2nd (2.10-2.12) GOT 1.2 Deal 3 GAVE 1.7, 3.7 GOT 1.6, 5.6 Deal 4 GAVE 1.8, Tevin Coleman, 4.3 GOT 1.6, Duke Johnson, 3.5 Deal 5 GAVE 1.5, 2019 2nd (2019 2.8-2.12) GOT 1.4 Deal 6 GAVE 1.4, 3.3 GOT 1.3 Deal 7 GAVE Zach Ertz GOT Evan Engram, 2019 3rd (2019 3.10-3.12) Deal 8 GAVE 2019 1st (1.1-1.9) GOT 1.12, 2019 2nd (2.1-2.6), 3.7 Deal 9 GAVE 2019 1st (1.10-1.12), 2019 2nd (2.1-2.6), Antonio Callway GOT Kenyan Drake Deal 10 GAVE 4.11 Got Derek Carr Deal 11 GAVE 3.7, 2019 3rd (3.8-3.12) GOT 2019 2nd (2.1-2.6)
  18. Chubb is worth exponentially more on my board. By about 50 players.
  19. This comes across as though you followed an opinion you shouldn't have. As for Samuels, I am confident I have seen the guy play more than 99% of the board. Whether I should have said "watched him live" vs. "watching tape", I'm not sorry that you care so much.
  20. In Samuels case, watching almost every home game at NCSU live and in-person with non-nosebleeds + highlights on YouTube for the last few months. In Connor’s case, watching let’s say 1/4 of his games on TV + highlights on YouTube. It’s not that I like Connor, more that I don’t believe Samuels will be a next-level RB. You are entitled to your opinion but no need for the snarkiness.
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