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  1. Mixon alone. Not sure why anyone would make that deal.
  2. I guess that’s just where I’ll have to agree to disagree as I cannot see Samuels bearing out even a middling Connor for early down work. He can have a role I’m sure. (I don’t like Connor, own him nowhere, but I like the tape better)
  3. I grabbed Ian Thomas with late rounders in FFPC leagues (mid 4th to mid 5th). Why not? Love the athleticism and the college stuff available to me showed a high degree of difficulty on many of his catches, which will benefit him well with Cam. I can see the comparisons to Gresham as a complete TE though I do think Thomas plays faster and has the ability to make second level miss better than Gresham. It may prove tough to keep Thomas with only 13 keepers in the format, but I’m betting he gets involved in two TE sets early and often.
  4. I’d hold the pick. Williams may end up beig the best on the roster but even that isn’t a given. If he is in fact the best on the roster, won’t be for long.
  5. James Connor is the better running back. I’m sure Samuels can carve a role but really not seeing a significant upside unless he focuses solely on TE.
  6. Second most talented player in the class, gap between Barkley and Chubb smaller than Chubb and the next guy in my book. Discounted due to injury, and then further by “less than ideal” landing. Whereas most owners moved back for any premium they could get in drafts, I moved up to 3/4 to ensure Chubb, landing him in 5/6 leagues. Simply did not want to risk not getting him. Low expectations for year one, extremely bullish on year two. From a value standpoint, seeing lesser talents in Mixon and DHenry value this offseason make it such that I’m not concerned in the least. Love, love, love this cat.
  7. I can see both sides. Slight lean to Adams unless the more pressing need was RB/QB.
  8. I wouldn't have gone Ridley at 11, the deal would look a lot different for me if I got a player I liked at 11. As it stands with the players involved, RoJo wins handily.
  9. Doesn't matter what the 1st ends up being, the 1st is far more valuable.
  10. That's about right. Depends on who is available at #14 on whether I'd make the deal. Probably wouldn't make it blindly and I have both of these guys in a few spots.
  11. Considering how, in this thread, many believe McCoy just falls off the tracks at 29, yeah, not thinking Hyde going to have much value. We bought Hyde in a few spots last year feeling pretty confident he would add 220-230 PPR to our lineup which he did and the cost wasn't prohibitive; however, Hyde is the exact type of player that gets replaced when a more talented option is on the roster. Kept him in two spots where even pre-draft we weren't getting more than 2.5, and then landed Chubb in those same two spots. I'm thinking Hyde scores between 150-170 PPR next season. Not going to outright disappear, but not going to be a guy you want to start on a championship team, and heading in to next off-season won't be worth more than an early 3rd round rookie pick.
  12. Fair enough. I think McKinnon is no better than journeyman whereas I’ve been waiting for Chubb’s time for years and appreciate his injuries that allowed me to get him where I did. He’s a true horse to me and I can be patient a year.
  13. I don’t see the 2 and RoJo being that close in value but you got a nice second piece so if you really like RoJo as I know most do then you probably are on cloud 9. So for that, it was at worst a well constructed process
  14. Love the deal for both teams really. You lost some value but if it helps you win the league and you wouldn’t have been likely to win prior, it isn’t the end of the world.
  15. Much, much, much prefer Kelce in TE premium unless this is either 8 PT per pass TD or superflex.
  16. I have no problem paying McKinnon and 1.7-1.10 for Chubb, but obviously it isn’t a guarantee the 1st is not early.
  17. Bingo. I’ll keep McCoy while the wheels fall off instead of selling him for JAG. There are far too many WRs in the league with similar upside to KG that you can get for a future late 2nd value (bought Mike Williams x3 this offseason, for instance) and keep McCoy to make another title run. Sure, if you can get 1.8 you sell, but McCoy is still going to be on championship teams. I only own McCoy in one league, happens to be a $2500 league, and owning McCoy allowed me to feel comfortable moving up this weekend for Chubb who I feel is far and away the second most talented player in this draft class. No matter if you are rebuilding or not, KG isn’t the right exit. Hold until W6 at least and some owner at 3-3 will pay you more.
  18. “Dalvin Cook was my 1.6 last year and Mike Williams was my 1.5 last year, so pretty much a wash. So the deal is Evans for RoJo plus another 1st and RoJo I’m convinced is better than Jamaal Charles - book it! Burton and PRich are both worth late 1sts after this year, so this is a huge win.”
  19. Team A just gave the best two dynasty assets by far. Certainly hope Team A would win as that is a really terrible value deal that will look a lot worse if it doesn’t cash. PU
  20. Great signing for the Panthers. He probably finishes the year RB25-30 in PPR. Still, I don't think his dynasty value is above RB40-45 range and I wouldn't invest much in him.
  21. Correct. Don’t counter or get pretty, you never what the 1.8 owner sent to others in the league, probably similar offers, especially if Andy’s team should make the playoffs and thus appears late anyway.
  22. Gordon deal is fine, but I wouldn't deal him for that Cobb Mixon > CMC for me DT That's nice 1.7
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