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  1. I dont think Zeke scores on those 2 runs. Not quite that easy.
  2. This was my thinking as well. What else would he say? I think this is covering his worst case scenario. Returning to Cleveland if the market is not hot for him. You have to think he wants to be the main guy again someday.
  3. In regards to Chubb....I dont think the Cleveland offense has really taken off yet. They upgraded the O line with Conklin and Willis. Hunt will obviously impact his ceiling this year but if that offense takes off it might not matter if there's more TD's to go around. Stefanski looking to implement a heavy run approach like they used in Minnesota also. The only thing I dont like about Chubb is Hunt, and that looks to be a short term concern.
  4. The issue I see here is that Goedert is a better football player than everyone on that list except Ertz right now. I dont see how they can reduce his snaps.
  5. They challenged to save a timeout. They were about to get a delay of game.
  6. What I dont understand is he is complaining about his vision. That would be the face mask, not the helmet. Seems like he could find a workaround for that.
  7. Once he makes a few big plays things will change quickly.
  8. I was in the 2nd draft also. Right next to you in the 5 spot. One of the craziest I've seen so far. Mark Ingram at 2.5! wow QB: Ryan (13) Carr (16) RB: Kamara (1) D. Freeman (3) Lynch (6) RoJo (7) Michel (8) WR: Julio (2) D. Thomas (4) Agholor (9) Dez (10) Ridley (11) J. Brown (14) C. Sutton (17) Kirk (19) TE : Engram (5) Brate (12) Gesicki (15) K: Boswell (18) Def: Dal (20) I almost took JuJu over Thomas in 4. I really dont like many of the Wr's in rd 4. I may have reached for Lynch in the 6th but I didnt see him making it back to me. I l
  9. What mocks are you using? Fantasy Football calculator, he goes in the 5th of 12 team PPR drafts. The other mocks like Yahoo he goes later. Fantasy Pros which I believe averages all the major sites together has him in the late 7th for standard.That's going to go up at least two rounds after a few preseason games. Could you give me some insight on why you feel so confident he is going to look so good in preseason? I like him as well and have him on a few of my teams and like his upside but you are speaking so confidently about how you feel about him I just want to know what you know or why you
  10. It took a while, but I was able to pull some strings at work and I am in again! Cant wait! Got a room and will get there Thursday night.
  11. For me it was kinda like going to Vegas for the first time where there is so much going on and its overwhelming. Icon and his boys know how to throw a party. All cool dudes and good people. Food was outstanding. Drinks were great. Kinda tough to pace yourself drinking the IPA's all day but a good problem to have. Love those southern girls. They were all over the place. Got to kick it with JTG and Ray Karpis for a while also. Good times. Highly recommend going if you have not had the chance. The jr sponsor package was worth every penny. Thats the way to do it. I'm going back next year for sure.
  12. UPDATED WITH TECU's Oats payment and the Smurf/Chet swap. Sorry for the confusion pjvesper paid me already, so BigSlim can send to Otis. The info above is updated. sent
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