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  1. Arguments on both sides. To me, the simple fact that the FDA has had unblinded data for at a minimum a week, possibly more, and have kept OLE is telling. I’m hanging my hat on that frankly. If the data was negative, they’d pull it. They haven’t. And that’s all I have to say about that.
  2. No ####### way. I’m waiting for three digits baby
  3. Any chance the FDA is recommending a joint venture with a larger Pharma company? I'm sure they can't officially state that, but more like someone pulling NP aside and gently explaining that he is not capable of the logistics outlined above?
  4. just a gut feeling or does the lack of info tell you something specific (like they are in negotiations for roll out, etc.)?
  5. I think there are fair arguments for reparations, obviously. I'm opposed to them for a number of reasons, mostly practical. Who gets them and who doesn't, for starters. Do you have to be able to trace your lineage to a slave or is simply being black enough? Seems pertinent. I also question the fairness of it-my ancestors came here after slavery-though I'm less convinced that this is a good enough argument against. As stated above, you sort of inherit the country's debts and obligations when you come here. In the end, I'm against reparations because I don't think it will have the h
  6. This makes the most sense but I have a dumb question. The OLE basically moved all the placebo patients on to LL, correct? When was that done? Presumably prior to 60 days. Wouldn't that make an analysis of 60 day endpoint impossible and necessitate a new study? I hope I am wrong.
  7. From Ihub regarding endpoints. FDA apparently changed guidelines 4 days ago...
  8. GME went from middling $4-7 and then jumped to a high of $483. Surely you aren’t suggesting that! Or.....are you.
  9. From Ihub: Basically, unblinding on Monday + 4 days is Friday. If we don't hear bad news by then, then the data is presumably good.
  10. Fidelity showing $4.37 pre-market. Did I miss something?
  11. That shouldn’t be hard to determine posthumously.
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