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  1. So i assume this thing is going to gap down at the open? Or are there enough buyers convinced of the 24% info that it will see a slight uptick at the bell? The mood here suggests the former; on other boards the latter.
  2. https://www.cytodyn.com/newsroom/press-releases/detail/503/cytodyn-to-file-accelerated-rolling-review-with-mhra-and New PR...reading now
  3. How did these results compared to remdesivir? Way better I believe.
  4. Right. People like him have created a ridiculous circular construct that is impossible to navigate. 1. America is racist to it's core. Built on racism and its institutions throughout are racist. 2. The heartbeat of Racism is denial. To deny racism is in fact clear evidence of racism. 3. If you deny 1. see 2.
  5. Updated criteria for the Long Haulers clinical trial. It appears that it didn't actually start in December. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/history/NCT04678830?A=1&B=3&C=merged#StudyPageTop
  6. yes, and he has been pretty on point throughout this with making predictions
  7. my bad, it was just posted a couple of hours ago. Sorry to give everyone blue balls.
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