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  1. Eagles RZ defense and defense in general was pretty strong all game. This happened: https://streamable.com/81wyc5
  2. I’ll be honest, hurts looks better than I expected
  3. Thinking of clearing out some cash from my ADA holdings and looking to reinvest in some yet-to-pop-but-potential coins. Any suggestions? I'm on Binance, FWIW.
  4. If this had gone down the same way with Trump behind the wheel I wonder how many Atlantic articles would be written telling us that Trump is really a hero in all of this.
  5. Kind of like the "two-scoops" deep dive to which we were subjected.
  6. The other issue is of course that some teachers take the woke thing too far. CRT for example might be a useful thought exercise (I'm not convinced of that, but thats irrelevant) in the halls of academia, however, there are more than a smattering of examples of teachers literally teaching white kids that they are implicitly racist due to their whiteness or that they need to recognize and confront their whiteness. CRT proponents will argue that that is not what CRT means or that that is not the goal of CRT, however, CRT is what is leading to these crazy teachers/professors to these assinine pedagogy. The time they are taking to 'educate' children on these topics is time better spent on myriad other subjects. Like math and reading.
  7. There is no point to discussing Trump's plan or non-plan. None.
  8. Spare everyone the Trump....anything. This is on Biden. Trump could have a had a plan to nuke the Taliban. If Biden carried on with that plan its on Biden, not Trump. Trump could have had no plan. In which case this "plan" is on Biden. Trump could have had this "plan". Biden continued it so its on Biden.
  9. Totally. The obvious takeaway is that, at some point, we should get to a space where the faults of the past can be left in the past and the gains of the present should be heralded. Unfortunately, I feel like we are no where near that point.
  10. yep, I agree and I don't have the answers. I do find it interesting that these Fortune 500 companies that are completely top heavy with white men are some of the most vocal supporters of BLM and other similar groups. They'll be more than glad to wave a BLM or LGBTQ flag high on the corporate offices or their websites, just don't expect them to apply the same thinking when it comes to their own leadership.
  11. Either way, to the broader point, a good-faith argument for the DEI model being applied to the military can be made. I clearly disagree with it completely, but thats irrelevant. The point is, if you are spending any calorie burn on that, you'd better be straight killing it in the area of your main focus. Milley was an architect of one of the most disasterous foreign policy blunders in our history. That he had time to speak out about supposed white-privilege in the military while also leading us into this debacle is going to bring criticism, rightly so IMO.
  12. No question, but like you said, 60 years ago there basically were not women doctors and now they make up something like 35%. More to the point, there are more women in medical school right now than there are men. From that article, "from 2009 to 2019 the number of men in medical school increased by 5,465 while the number of women increased by 9,899." Thats nearly double the number.
  13. And now, women make up far more of the percentage of doctors, in some fields, outpacing men. The vast majority of lower paying care giver jobs (nursing, nursing home attendants, etc.) are women.
  14. Or women aren't drawn to that kind of work simply because women's brains are different and while men default to putting things together, women default to helping other humans. This is not a social-construct thing, this is a biological difference that goes back long before there was western democracy or capitalism.
  15. I'm not forcing the issue on anything. Fighter pilots was your point, I posited with plumbers as an example but CEO's work too. There are many many reasons for there being far more males than females in CEO positions. Men enter the workplace earlier than women, starting their climb up the ladder sooner. Men are willing to work longer hours than women Men are more willing to travel for their jobs than women Men do not have to make a potentially career-altering decision in their lives regarding having a child and don't have the gap in career due to child birth and raising children that women do. Men choose educational paths much differently than women; mathematics, computer science, petroleum or chemical engineering are some of the best paying majors and are dominated by men, some as high as 87%. On the flip side, some of the lowest paying degrees, such as counseling, young child education, social work are dominated by women, one as high as 97%. The higher paying jobs are typically corporate and pipelines to executive positions. The lower paying jobs are not. Men are far more disagreeable than women. This results in men negotiating raises, status increase, job title upgrades, etc better and more often than women.
  16. I mean, it seems pretty clear to me that the easiest and also correct answer is choice. Women don't choose to be fighter pilots or plumbers just like men don't choose to be social workers. It's not solely based on exposure to simulators. You state that you are looking for things that might need to be addressed, but I'm not convinced this is something that can be or more importantly needs to be addressed. When you throw wokeness into your idea of looking for things to be addressed, you'll start to see all sorts of examples of inherrent/systemic racism/sexism/etc not because ite there, but because like the old saying goes, when all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails. ETA: not saying you are doing the wokeness part. Generally speaking.
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