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  1. On one hand, the potential for 120 targets as the clear #2 (I'm ruling out Cruz, which may be a mistake) in a 600+ attempt passing offense is intriguing. Problem is he's getting a lot of attention which means he will probably be priced near his ceiling.
  2. Well said SID. I'm a big fan of Conley but he's the 4th option (Maclin, Kelce, Charles) in a low volume passing offense. The guy has skills though.
  3. I owned Robinson everywhere last year, so I'm biased toward him TDs have to go down, you'd say that about almost any WR after scoring 14. He does have Dez talent, imo, so still high on my list. I have him at WR7 just behind Dez and right in the tier with Hopkins. I'm picking late in both of my main leagues so good chance I take him at the 1.12/2.01 turn if he's there.
  4. Looked up some of the contracts for reference. Baldwin got 4 years, $46 million, $24.25 million guaranteed. Allen Hurns just got 4 years, $40 million, $20 million guaranteed. Maclin's contract, signed last year was 5 years, $55 million, $22.5 million guaranteed. I was doing this with the intention of saying that Baldwin's deal was more Allen Hurns than Maclin. However Baldwin got the most guaranteed money which is the most important part of the contract imo, so it does seem more like WR1 money (a la Maclin) not WR2 money (Hurns).
  5. I owned him last year, did not enjoy it. Sat through that early/mid stretch of bad games, then when I benched him he had pretty big weeks. So one of those guys, we've all owned them. Not yet sure what to make of him this year, coach/OC change is definitely not encouraging. He does seem to have a nose for the end zone though.
  6. According to twitter he was spotted on a plane heading to Cabo, wearing a Josh Gordon jersey. There was a picture and everything.
  7. It's tough because Seattle is a very low volume passing offense. Even in the second half after Lynch got hurt and Wilson/Kearse started putting up video game numbers they still did not throw much (231 att in 8 games I think). I don't see much reason to think they will throw a lot more this year. So if Wilson is going to throw < 500 times it's going to be very tough, even at his efficiency, to feed two WRs. So one owner will be disappointed, imo. I'm with many I think-I feel Baldwin's crazy 7 game stretch (what was it 12 TDs in 7 games, 10 in 5?) screams fluke compared to the rest
  8. Good points about the upside, but I think one big difference here is that he went in the 3rd round last year and is going in the 7th round this year. Ninja's question about 33 year old running backs was a good one, so I trolled around a bit. According to pro football ref the results were pretty bleak. The best RB seasons by 33 year olds or older were pretty much low efficiency, TD dependent seasons by the likes of Emmitt Smith, Marcus Allen, Ottis Anderson etc. Which is not surprising. As an aside, John Riggins rushed for 1239 yards and 14 TDs when he was 35!
  9. For me it comes down to what you think about Cousins as much as anything. I think Cousins had a fluky second half and is more the guy that he was the rest of his career. That lowers the ceiling of the offense to me. Couple that with however you want to quantify the injury risk and Reed's ADP of TE2-which leaves almost no margin for error-and I'll be avoiding. Full disclosure: I owned Reed in 2013 and 2014 but not last year, so I may just have bitter beer face
  10. He's going off the board at 2.12 in 2016 MFL10s as WR 15. Seems fair to me, a good balance of floor/past production and risk of offensive change & new QB. Cooper Cooks Marshall Thomas Hilton all going in a row a little further down you have Hilton, Watkins, Landry, Cobb, Edelman, Tate. Seems about right to me. I might go with TY if you think Indy's offense will explode back to 2014, but there's no way I'm taking any of those other later guys over Thomas. Just my 2 cents though, I'm wrong a lot.
  11. Beat me to it, stuckinthemuck. Matt Kelley has a lot of hyperbole and all or nothing to his opinions, but he also provides good analysis, imo. And the podcast is entertaining.
  12. Don't tell my wife I was just bragging about the great deal I got
  13. Huh thought I got a great deal...shows what I know (very little).
  14. Got my best deal today. Background: I have 8 TVs so my bill is pretty expensive, which helps I guess when I call. So I finally call in, and instead of my usual "I'm quitting" I just say something to the effect of "this is the time of the year where Sunday Ticket auto renews and I call to get discounts" Last year I got it for around $50 I think? There's a post to that effect but I can't find it. At any rate I called at the right time because I got: - Half off ST Maxx: $42 per month for 4 months or something like that. - $8 off HBO for 6 months - 4 credits totaling $40 per month for 12 mon
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