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  1. Not sure if this had been posted earlier or tells us anything we didn’t already know. Seems like efficacy varies by patient but overall provides benefit. I’ll leave it to the experts here to read anything more into it. 23 Patient Severe/Critical Analysis
  2. Decided to do some unconventional things this year and had fun with it. Had no intention of basically going zero RB until it fell the way it did. If it didn’t work out at least I’d get a high draft pick next year. End of August draft. The guys I still have. 1.10 Lamar (Yes, drafting a qb this early is dumb. Especially this year. Worked out Playoffs week 1.) 2.3 Tyreek 3.10 Ridley 4.3 Andrews 5.10 DK 6.3 Akers 8.3 Montgomery 9.10 Gibson 10.3 Dobbins NFL.com draft review had me going 1-12 for last place. The rb’s just needed to fall int
  3. We’ve reached the part of the program where democracy isn’t working for republicans so they’re trying to throw it out. At least it’s now out in the open. Time to start calling it what it is.
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