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  1. Full practice today. Should be good to go is what I’m seeing.
  2. 1 QB PPR. 1Q, 2RB, 2WR, TE, FL, K, D Dobbins to an RB needy team (Akers was about all he had) for first round picks in 2022 and 2023. Probably mid-high on the firsts if I had to guess. Within reason?
  3. Do it and don’t look back. It’s a great area. Might be a little rainy in Dec but not bad either way. In a week you’ll be able to hit all the main attractions on the island and still have plenty of beach time, etc. to kick back and relax. Great deal. No-brainer IMO.
  4. 12 Team, 1 QB PPR Q,R,R,W,W,T,F,K,D not involved Team A A Gibson and likely late 2022 1st Team B Herbert and likely early to mid 2022 2nd
  5. So we need to consider him at the 1.3 in a 1 QB, PPR rookie draft? Thought that decision was going to be made for me with what was left from Najee, Chase and Pitts.
  6. I’d go Zeke and Aiyuk. Gordon is an unknown after this year. Who knows what Drake’s real value is? Either way it’s not projected to be high - RB3 range. The 1.7 is a solid piece. Maybe Smith or Waddle? Think I’d prefer Aiyuk over either. The 1.12 helps but I’d still land on the Zeke/Aiyuk side. Ran it thru a couple trade calculators with both favoring the Zeke/Aiyuk side by a healthy amount.
  7. I know it’s customary to wait two weeks on LL related events but, after a week, anybody with Chet-info want to give some general context to what the secret discussions were about?
  8. Is this good news or bad news? I’d like good news going into the weekend but expectations are at an all-time low on this ride.
  9. You in a league with Najee Harris’ mom? Love this to happen when I’m on the clock at 1.3 in my 1QB, PPR with those two gone.
  10. Took over a team in a salary cap/contract league last year. Basically flying blind with mixed results. Seems like format specific resources are limited as far as assigning player value, roster management, contract lengths, etc. Any good tools or resources that you’re using? What are your go to’s for details or advice with this format?
  11. Not sure if this had been posted earlier or tells us anything we didn’t already know. Seems like efficacy varies by patient but overall provides benefit. I’ll leave it to the experts here to read anything more into it. 23 Patient Severe/Critical Analysis
  12. Decided to do some unconventional things this year and had fun with it. Had no intention of basically going zero RB until it fell the way it did. If it didn’t work out at least I’d get a high draft pick next year. End of August draft. The guys I still have. 1.10 Lamar (Yes, drafting a qb this early is dumb. Especially this year. Worked out Playoffs week 1.) 2.3 Tyreek 3.10 Ridley 4.3 Andrews 5.10 DK 6.3 Akers 8.3 Montgomery 9.10 Gibson 10.3 Dobbins NFL.com draft review had me going 1-12 for last place. The rb’s just needed to fall into place. It worked out. High points and in semi’s.
  13. We’ve reached the part of the program where democracy isn’t working for republicans so they’re trying to throw it out. At least it’s now out in the open. Time to start calling it what it is.
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