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  1. Not a SF guy. But it's a SF league, so I need help. Let's say I trade down from 1.1 to the bottom 3rd of first round or so. What should I look for in return? Is there a free calculator that covers this sort of thing? Thanks.
  2. I heard they're changing "NFL" to "MDL" (Mike Davis League). Could be just a rumor, though. I'll check it out and get back to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZPs4XFUG88
  3. I do not remember that, but I'll take your word for it. Sun don't shine on the same dog's ### every day, but I get some right by sheer luck. Davis won't be luck. I can see the future. I'm pyschotic!
  4. I think he's saying he was looking for a single second round pick in 2022. BTW, I just picked him up for a 3.7 in another FFPC league where I didn't even have a roster spot. I have 8 days to figure it out. Mike Davis is my 2022 cash cow. But I'm a heavy drinker, so who knows?
  5. Wow. I rarely raise my hand (at least as far as fantasy football goes), but I guess I finally found a hill I'm willing to die on. Yes, it's Mike Davis-Falcons Hill (it's on most miltary maps) and the trenches are dug.
  6. Damn, I was hoping it was the league we're in together. I would've made your day!
  7. Two separate @FFPC dyno trades in different leagues just now, within minutes of each other: 2021 2.02 for Mike Davis 2021 4.03 for Mike Davis Sweet spot somewhere in the middle, I'm guessing?
  8. I will admit that I was holding out hope for a very solid year as a high ceiling TE2. Oops.
  9. No, that's a horrible offer. Beckham is like 28 and hasn't tried in 3-4 years.
  10. The Gurley thing must be making people insane. This kind of #### has been rolling in all night. FFPC 12 team TE-premium dyno (not superflex): I give Mark Andrews and Todd Gurley I get the 2020 1.12, a 2021 2nd and Drew Lock & Will Dissley (in other words, 2 cuts) My response: C'mon man
  11. Joe Bryant has long been my hero. I am now finally saying it. I am out of the closet on my Joe-doration and I don’t care who knows it. So there!
  12. Thank you. Jesus, where do people get their “facts” from? Oh. Right.
  13. Can one of you people please explain to me why the Chiefs might draft a RB in the first couple rounds? Thanks in advance.
  14. This is pretty close to right on the money, even if Njoku is not a zero. Furthermore, the guy's response was fine. And further-furthermore, I am currently struggling with a green fly in one of my leagues so much that I might start publishing his offers, his team name, as well as his actual name, phone number and possibly fingerprints if I can get my hands on them. So this whole negotiation by comparison seems totally reasonable. Thanks for reading.
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