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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the FBG chase NFL Schedule?
  2. Have just need 1 active owner to take over an Orphan team. Decent roster and this team owns the 1.06 and 6th pick in each round of Rookie 2020 Draft. 16 Tm Dyn IDP League. Start 9 on offense and 8 on defense. 1 QB, PPR and TE premium. Very defense balanced. $30 buy in each yr. Roster says Open here. And can see the other rules. Free Agent rule needs updated and will prob go away. https://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=44433&O=07 Please email me if interested. jacobomoses@gmail.com I can share the roster in an email if you can't see it.
  3. Thanks Bloom..need to know in ppr flex spot. Need to pick 1. Edelman, K.Drake, Perriman or Darren Waller?
  4. Marquise Brown or Chris Carson PPR 16 tm flex spot? Thanks Bloom
  5. Bump. Anyone doing rookie drafts now. Who is going between 1.07 and 1.10
  6. Do you think Flowers stays a DE or goes OLB? In DET?
  7. Does Flowers stay a DE in DET or go OLB? Need to know asap. Thanks
  8. I love what I saw from this kid. Has a lot of potential to build off. Think it's telling they played him as much as they did.
  9. Ppr flex. Jimmy Graham, Conley, M.Goodwin? K.Drake RB vs BUF or Carlos Hyde vs IND
  10. I can make the case for both. I like Coutee a little more because how he can be used all over the field. What say you guys?
  11. Nick Chubb at flex in PPR Or John Brown vs PIT?
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