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  1. Wouldn't it be different since she saw what he was/likes and was using that against him for the kill? Btw, the main gripe about the scene that shall not be named is still valid: Completely disagree. Reek admitting that he didn't kill the Stark boys was a huge change of character from Reek and back into Theon. Also, Sansa confronting Theon about the Stark boys was out of character for her too. I think that change can be attributed to her nights with Ramsay.
  2. Damn, this is actually a good question. (unless it isn't, I'm not a book reader)Can he warg into Dany,Jon or Tyrion? The White Walkers aren't mindless fools.I agree it wouldn't make sense for him to be able to warg in to any and everybody, but now that Drogon's back I need a new warg candidate. Hodor is simpleminded, so he is able to warg into him easily. I don't think he's warged into anyone else has he?
  3. Neither are the people saying it. I don't think that's it. But possibly they (like most people) never spent a lot of time writing comedy. As someone who spent a number of years writing comedy for stage, local screen, and newspapers (very local/low level, this is not a 'look at me' post) I think I empathize with writers and understand why they do what they do a lot of times better than most people. I'm also less demanding and more easily able to suspend disbelief. You can put almost anything under a microscope and pick it to pieces, for me the bottom line is : is it funny? That's basically
  4. Are you guys really complaining about an article with the title of "Will 'Game of Thrones' Solve The Series' Biggest Mystery in Season Five?" ?!? Does that title not imply that they will be talking about the series in its entirety? Then there are two separate spoiler warnings before the bombshell? Granted, you probably couldn't read the second spoiler without actually seeing the bombshell.
  5. Aren't the Frey's Lords over the Riverlands. I thought that Tywin upjumped them? No, the Frey's hold the Twins which is a very important river crossing. They are bannermen of House Tully (I think), who are the lords of the Riverlands.
  6. I really miss being excited about NSD. The whole administration at UM needs fired, but they won't do anything until the new president comes in this spring/summer.
  7. I was hoping Ohio St. would, too. There was a lot of chatter yesterday, which clearly was bad info, that he was going to Ohio St. and had informed the Southern Cal coaches as such. I was reading that his family was sold on and really pushing OSU, but it sounds like he wanted to go to USC the whole time. Good luck to him. Yep, can't get em all. More than pleased at LB with Baker (who I've seen) and Hilliard (only read about).Torrance Gibson going to bail? I'm assuming that Urbs is working on him to switch to WR. Just way too much talent at QB for him to overcome. If he does bail(I have a f
  8. You're clearly new to the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. The award for biggest tool goes overwhelmingly to Ben Flajnik. It's not even close. No, I remember Ben. I just find this guy worse. Maybe it's because the drama hasn't really been as high this season. I remember the one chick on Ben's season stirring the pot from the beginning.
  9. That's how they keep a big chunk of their viewership and why you've got to love this bachelor. If you believe the premise is completely absurd (which it is), and you were this guy, you'd want to hook up with as many of these women as possible. It's pretty comical, this bumpkin surrounded by 8's and 9's with that big dumb grin after he's sucked face with 8 of them in the course of an evening. Then he makes it a point to emphasize to all of them, hey you guys, I'm here to find a wife. And it sure looks like next week he nails one of them. Then probably a bunch of the women will pretend to consid
  10. Is this guy the biggest tool they have ever had as the Bachelor? I'm having a hard time actually paying attention and was just about to pull out of the train wreck until they showed previews of next episode.
  11. What is this Bachelor in Paradise? Is it like Bachelor Pad? I never watch Bachelorette, so I haven't seen any previews. No one really knows for sure, but the assumption is that it is similar to Bachelor Pad. With more women in bikinis... Just read up on it a bit on Reality Steve. Apparently its like bachelor pad but much more chaotic with no set rules and a constantly changing cast. IN I'm in as well! I'll have to pay attention to this thread for it's start.
  12. What is this Bachelor in Paradise? Is it like Bachelor Pad? I never watch Bachelorette, so I haven't seen any previews.
  13. Swipe "yes" to all (other than fatties or anything you obviously don't want). If you get a match, then decide if you want to communicate with them. Gotcha. I had a good "script" for OKC that usually got results in 2-3 messages. Wondering if anyone's worked out a good system. Tinder seems more like a "hook up" type of app. You have to strike while the iron is hot. I don't have anything good worked out yet though.
  14. Swipe "yes" to all (other than fatties or anything you obviously don't want). If you get a match, then decide if you want to communicate with them.
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