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  1. Yes, it will be fun to hopefully see the Cards relevant. The difference watching them last year from 2018 was amazing (2018 was BORING and TIRED). Hope for another leap this year.
  2. What is up with Denver....currently low in scoring but they rank high in REST OF YEAR rankings on multiple fronts. Anyone think they "get it on" soon???
  3. It so hurts to watch; at least last year excuse was major injuries. This year...good god.
  4. https://www.azcardinals.com/news/david-johnson-cardinals-agree-to-contract-extension Oh yes!!! That's over with.
  5. I think Vegas has them at 5 wins; I would definitely take the over. Defense also looks like it could have some spark this year. Patrick Peterson playing zone makes me smile (interceptions, here they come).
  6. Excited about this year...not due to expectations of playoffs, but just the fact we finally have a potential QB to helm the team into the future. Washington should be tough tomorrow and a good test. Hopefully Fitz has a fruitful last season...he is still the only good WR on the team.
  7. No John Brown, No DJ...lots of targets up in the air and the Cards will have to pass to win this year. John Brown just feels like he is going to be out for awhile (have nothing to back that up). Love me JJ, but he sure is a twig. I think he sustains the targets.
  8. Yup, without DJ, starting LT, declining Palmer...this could be a dumpster fire unfortunately.
  9. The AZ Cards team forum is the place to be... Really nice there are some relevant AZ players with respect to fantasy...been a long time (Warner/Fitz/Boldin) since AZ have had an impact on weekly fantasy scores. Being an AZ homer has generally killed me in fantasy This year its finally paying off..
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