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  1. Yes, it will be fun to hopefully see the Cards relevant. The difference watching them last year from 2018 was amazing (2018 was BORING and TIRED). Hope for another leap this year.
  2. Just sold Keenan for a 1.11 and a 3.07 in dynasty. Its been a nice 3 year ride, my friend. Thank you.
  3. Who has the cojones to start this bum against the cards this week? Tight End vs. Cards are the best play in town. Very tempting...
  4. I'm strapped for WR this week; picked up Russell Gage from Atlanta. Just hoping to avoid a doughnut....
  5. Jacobs going to locker room to get checked....
  6. FFPC $350 League: QBs: Rivers, Brissett RBs: DJ, Cook, Jacobs, Hill, Edmonds, Mattisson Wrs: Godwin, Woods, McLaurin, Samual, Westbrook TEs: Andrews, Waller, HOchinson K: Slye Def: San Fran and Buffalo
  7. From beat writer Darren Urban (via Twitter): Kingsbury said they are still working with David Johnson and his back. Will have to see how the week goes -- he will try to do some things today. Kingsbury added the type of player Johnson is, it would likely come down to a game-day decision for his status.
  8. FFPC: Start 3 (1 TE and my two flex positions): Hochenson, Waller, Andrews, Westbrook, Josh Jacobs Thanks!!
  9. My rarest performing combo: Mahomes (9X), Zeke (9X), Sanders (9X), and Gronk (3X). Only one left out of 3. My early season weakness is now my strength: RBs: Zeke, DJ, Jones, Conner, Barber
  10. What is up with Denver....currently low in scoring but they rank high in REST OF YEAR rankings on multiple fronts. Anyone think they "get it on" soon???
  11. It so hurts to watch; at least last year excuse was major injuries. This year...good god.
  12. https://www.azcardinals.com/news/david-johnson-cardinals-agree-to-contract-extension Oh yes!!! That's over with.
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