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  1. Oh come on. A coach was disciplined for not reporting symptoms and also walking around "regularly" without a mask and without tracing. Violated every <bleep>ing protocol there is. SHUT IT DOWN!
  2. So film it at 8 and air it at <bleep>ing 9! Who the hell cares about seeing a <bleep>ing tree light up live?
  3. Start the game at 5:30 and show the <bleep>ing tree lighting on tape delay! They're lighting up a <bleep>ing tree for <bleep>s sake! WHO NEEDS TO SEE THAT LIVE, YOU DONKEYS?!
  4. Right. So, the Steelers / Ravens game is kicking off at 3:40 so that NBC can get us to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony on time. Because THAT can't be postponed. Make it so the entire workforce has to miss some or all of the game so we can watch a <bleep>ing Christmas tree light up on <bleep>ing TV!!? Oh, come on.. Absolute bollocks. THIS IS THE <BLEEP>ING NFL!!
  5. Also, Ali Krieger might be the worst sideline reporter/interviewer in history. And that's saying a lot.
  6. Lunacy. Then a reserve defender comes on in net and makes a save. Orlando City, already playing with 10, overcomes NYCFC and the VAR official to advance. Would have been absolutely criminal had they lost.
  7. This would all be funny if it wasn't so <bleep>ing sad. Now Hugo Chavez, dead for 7 years, is the architect of this "stolen election." Oh, come on..... They don't even CARE anymore! Donnie - some of us see the reality here. All you have - all you've EVER had - is the illusion of always winning. If he loses that, he has nothing left. Everything he does is based on that, which is why everything he does is so <bleep>ing predictable. The part I'll never get is how he manages to snooker so many seemingly intelligent people. There are people on this board calling him Father Trump for <bleep>s sake! Father <bleep>ing Trump! His legions lap up every bit of <bleep> he ladles out without question, while calling everyone else "sheep." It's like they WANT a dictatorship, with him as their demagogue. All while yelling about bloody patriotism. Right. Absolute bollocks. Donnie, it's time. Shut it down, big boy. Pack your bags and GET OUT!
  8. "You know, sometimes I wish I did a little more with my life instead of hanging out in front of places selling weed and s##t. Like, maybe be an animal doctor. Why not me? I like seals and s##t. Or maybe an astronaut. Yeah. Like, be the first motherf###er to see a new galaxy, or find a new alien lifeform....... and f### it. And people'd be like, "There he goes. Homeboy f###ed a Martian once."" - Jay
  9. Just you, big boy. You should have been reading it in Danny DeVito's voice, you donkey! GET OUT!
  10. Trump eats New York Strip well done, with catsup. Come on.... You have the most amazing steak, and then you cook it <bleep>ing well done a d put <bleep>ing catsup on it? CATSUP? GET OUT! SHUT IT DOWN!
  11. ACCepting. Come on.... You don't even CARE anymore!
  12. Come on, big boy... You're going to eat that crap? That sounds like a dog's dinner. Typical fat and lazy American. Come here, you donkey... I'm going to show you how to make a proper lunch...
  13. There's no buffets in Vegas, you donut. We're in the middle of a <bleep>ing pandemic! They SHUT THEM DOWN!
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