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  1. Sounds like GGG knew he was going to rotate the entire squad against Panama and only wanted players in who he would play.
  2. You continuing to repeat a lie, won't make it true.... If a parent threatens a school board member with violence or death, law enforcement has a role to play.
  3. Raiders for me. Can still watch it today as if it were new. Does not feel dated - the way Star Wars feels dated.
  4. Another passive offside not given. If Salah is not offside, the defender does not make a play on the ball
  5. The implication of the entire thread has been the impact from the "liberal bathroom policies" that allow transgendered people to use the restroom of their preferred gender.
  6. What is it that you posted here that I missed? What part of that first link is in any way remotely related to "their liberal bathroom policy"?
  7. #### me. Just when I thought Spurs season could not get worse, hearing 2 players have tested positive for Covid and will likely miss the next 3 games. unconfirmed reports that the two players are Son and Bryan Gil.
  8. The new rules in England allow vaccinated players who visit red countries to isolate for 10-days after they left the country, within a team bubble, and participate in training and games.
  9. Rules have changed. Spurs have 4 players who played their last games on Thursday night in restricted countries in South America, and are expected to be available on Sunday. Two will probably start.
  10. I am pretty sure it's Miller Lite. ETA:" What’s in Jackie’s cup? 2/3 Miller Lite 🍺 1/3 Campbell’s tomato juice 🍅"
  11. Did you by any chance read any of these links before posting them? Because the first link involves a changing room not a bathroom. CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in northwest suburban Palatine were searching for a man who tried to use his cell phone to record video of a girl in a Target dressing room. A girl shopping at the Target store on Dundee Road in Palatine told police she was in the fitting room Sunday afternoon, when she saw a cell phone being pointed under the door. She screamed, and the man who was holding it ran away.
  12. Yeah - completely off-topic - but funny, and I did not feel like making a specific thread for Deere: Deere is apparently trying to break a strike by using salaried workers in the factory: Jonah Furman @JonahFurman·4h On the first full day of John Deere using non-union workers to attempt to replace UAW members on the factory floor… didn’t even make it til 8am without a 911 call. (medical emergency, but not serious, apparently) Also first day: Jonah Furman@JonahFurman Day 1: A non-union salaried worker just crashed a tractor inside the plant. Whoops!
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