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  1. Bottas is on a 1-year contract - its hard to see him back next year. I get that he feels like Mercedes does everything for Hamilton (and they do bend that way) - but he is not going to find a better ride anywhere else - this is his single best chance to compete. In qualifications, Bottas can hold his own against Hamilton, but he rarely seems to have the same edginess on Raceday.
  2. And, on this point specifically - we should all care about people in our society, because when we lift others up, we lift society up, and that benefits everyone, including ourselves.
  3. You can't start with just the parents. Their own life experiences shape their views - and if those life experiences were tainted, then, that is what they will pass on to their children, and we start another cycle. To break the cycle, you have to reach the parents and the kids (and maybe even the grandparents). You have to provide them with the tools and support to recognize the value in certain aspects, if that's education and nuclear family. You should not expect a child of a broken home to grow up, and understand the value of a nuclear family. And, that
  4. What role, if any, do you see for the community as a whole to help enhance those values? Or, do you see it solely down to personal responsibility?
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