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  1. You continuing to repeat a lie, won't make it true.... If a parent threatens a school board member with violence or death, law enforcement has a role to play.
  2. Raiders for me. Can still watch it today as if it were new. Does not feel dated - the way Star Wars feels dated.
  3. Another passive offside not given. If Salah is not offside, the defender does not make a play on the ball
  4. The implication of the entire thread has been the impact from the "liberal bathroom policies" that allow transgendered people to use the restroom of their preferred gender.
  5. What is it that you posted here that I missed? What part of that first link is in any way remotely related to "their liberal bathroom policy"?
  6. #### me. Just when I thought Spurs season could not get worse, hearing 2 players have tested positive for Covid and will likely miss the next 3 games. unconfirmed reports that the two players are Son and Bryan Gil.
  7. The new rules in England allow vaccinated players who visit red countries to isolate for 10-days after they left the country, within a team bubble, and participate in training and games.
  8. Rules have changed. Spurs have 4 players who played their last games on Thursday night in restricted countries in South America, and are expected to be available on Sunday. Two will probably start.
  9. I am pretty sure it's Miller Lite. ETA:" What’s in Jackie’s cup? 2/3 Miller Lite 🍺 1/3 Campbell’s tomato juice 🍅"
  10. Did you by any chance read any of these links before posting them? Because the first link involves a changing room not a bathroom. CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in northwest suburban Palatine were searching for a man who tried to use his cell phone to record video of a girl in a Target dressing room. A girl shopping at the Target store on Dundee Road in Palatine told police she was in the fitting room Sunday afternoon, when she saw a cell phone being pointed under the door. She screamed, and the man who was holding it ran away.
  11. Yeah - completely off-topic - but funny, and I did not feel like making a specific thread for Deere: Deere is apparently trying to break a strike by using salaried workers in the factory: Jonah Furman @JonahFurman·4h On the first full day of John Deere using non-union workers to attempt to replace UAW members on the factory floor… didn’t even make it til 8am without a 911 call. (medical emergency, but not serious, apparently) Also first day: Jonah Furman@JonahFurman Day 1: A non-union salaried worker just crashed a tractor inside the plant. Whoops!
  12. The 1619 Project is not a singular focus, as such it does no such thing. It is a collection of essays by different authors on different topics. I don't think anyone has suggested that history lessons be abandoned in favor of those lessons put forth by the 1619 authors. What I, and many others have suggested, is there is a place in the curriculum for multiple points of view.
  13. I agree with the premise, but not the execution here. Slavery is bad - for all people, in all eras. But, we should explore the existence of Black people in America, and how they have been treated over the years. Taking the 1619 Project as a starting point, it should be part of the conversation. It does not overwrite the existing history, but rather is read along side of what we grew up learning. It offers a different, and in my view, valuable, alternative view of historical facts. When the Declaration of Independence declares that "All men are created equal..." we should have conversations around why that was not true at the time. We should talk about what it was like to be Black (or female) in America when laws and policies were created to favor white men. And we should explore the legacy effects of those decisions made many generations ago. History is complex - we should not pretend that it was a simple narrative.
  14. My point is - that is not what has been taught in schools. And, people are now upset that it might not be glossed over.
  15. “But the “peculiar institution,” as Southerners came to call it, like all human institutions should not be oversimplified. While there were cruel masters who maimed or even killed their slaves (although killing and maiming were against the law in every state), there were also kind and generous owners. The institution was as complex as the people involved. Though most slaves were whipped at some point in their lives, a few never felt the lash. Nor did all slaves work in the fields. Some were house servants or skilled artisans. Many may not have even been terribly unhappy with their lot, for they knew no other.” -8th grade text book
  16. This has been contested in schools/textbooks by couching things in terms of “indentured servitude” or how well some slaves were treated, etc. “On April 18, a class of eighth graders at the Great Hearts Monte Vista North charter school in San Antonio, Texas, received a homework assignment that would spark a nationwide controversy. A worksheet, titled “The Life of Slaves: A Balanced View,” asked students to list the negative and positive aspects of slavery.”
  17. Funny - I thought the politicians got involved because the schools were doing that...
  18. It's the law of unintended consequences. This was a law written to ensure that both sides of the slavery issue were taught - can't have little Johnny thinking slavery was a bad concept. But, in an effort to protect the legacy of white ancestors, legislators failed to understand the actual impact of the law...
  19. I have read dozens of accounts of the allegations from Smith, and others. I have yet to come across any allegations that he asked, and was granted permission to use the girl's bathroom. I have not even seen anything to suggest the attacker was, actually, transgender. Smith, in fact, said this: My wife and I are gay- and lesbian-friendly. 'We're not into this children transgender stuff. The person that attacked our daughter is apparently bisexual and occasionally wears dresses because he likes them. 'So this kid is technically not what the school board was fighting about.
  20. Yeah = so we agree that the Loudoun County bathroom policies had nothing to do with that particular case.
  21. Just digging into the facts a little bit here - the subject of the OP, the boy who assaulted the girl in the restroom, that happened in May of this year. Loudoun County did not pass their bathroom rules until August of this year. So, the original post, also has nothing to do with "biological men being allowed in women’s bathrooms" - since that rule was not passed until three months later. Nobody likes, or wants, women to be assaulted, sexually, or otherwise. But, using these non-relevant examples does not support opposition to rules allowing transgender students to use a bathroom that corresponds to their gender.
  22. Just thinking about the tactics against CR - and if I were to tweak it just a little, I would say we should be trying to emulate Liverpool's style of play, when everyone is healthy. Against CR - there were a lot of crosses - but they seemed to be more in-line with having a tradition #9 - who would get a head on those balls. Liverpool also plays with a lot of crosses, but they are often times early crosses (and not drive to the touchline crosses), and lower - so that Mane/Firmino/Jota/Salah can get onto the ball with their feet. It feels like a Pulisic/Pepi/Reyna front three, with lots of movement, and then a couple of CMs who are more ball recyclers, with late runs into the box, and FBs making overlapping runs with passes/crosses into the forward's areas should create enough chances/goals.
  23. Ok - but none of those stories involved "the liberal bathroom policies". So, still irrelevant to your point?
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