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  1. Yep. We were talking about flat wages, and inflation for the vast majority of the country, and you made the leap that they're all unhappy with life. See what I did there?
  2. Here is what you posted after I said 'Indifferent". "There is much more than 20% happy with life right now."
  3. I said that nothing has changed for 80% of the country. I didn't say unhappy.
  4. Right. Stagnant wages, and nominal inflation. Nothing changes. The top 20% of wage earners are happy. The rest, not so much.
  5. The problem isn't jobs. It's that wages have largely remained flat for 80% of the country. It's expensive to be poor. https://www.epi.org/nominal-wage-tracker/
  6. No one is hiding. We simply read his tweets on a daily basis. It's all there for everyone to see.
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