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  1. I don't disagree with your assessment on Toney going to the IR but I wouldn't say the season is even close to being over for the Giants because they need to evaluate their roster and decide on which players to rebuild around. If this were last season the would probably be 1 game out of first place with their 1-5 record.
  2. In standard format I would go with Ruggs and hope for the big play. Higgins would be my 2nd choice
  3. I like Tua a little better than Jones because of all the offensive players out for the Giants but it is close.
  4. Obviously Tampa's run D is tough but the Bears will try to establish the run and throw some quick screens and IF they get the ball in close will use Herbert almost exclusively if Williams is not back. I like his upside a little better than Davis if this is the case but it is an easy call if Williams is back because they will probably split carries and have a much tougher matchup.
  5. I face the Higgins/Mooney situation in one of my leagues as well. I currently still have Higgins in and hope that he is healthy but I have been really debating this one as well because I am hoping that Higgins talent will win out and he seems like he is finally healthy but the Tampa matchup could be tasty. However the Bears have not thrown for over 200 passing yards all season which scares me a little. I don't have Green but I think Mooney is a better play because of the amount of WRs that could have fantasy relevance in Arizona and they also get Ertz this week which is another mouth to feed.
  6. It's been a great kicking clinic by kickers this weekend. At least Blankenship has an excuse.
  7. Andrews is having a career game tonight. Was expecting this from him last year when I drafted him
  8. I want to see another angle to see if he was really down.
  9. Agreed but it really looked like they had the game in hand until the blocked field goal.
  10. I agree with whoever said there are not as many injuries because it has been illegal but I do remember TO breaking his leg on a play where he got horse-collar tackled.
  11. Agree with everything and you wrote and heard the Fields news about 20 minutes after I wrote this post. I think they will give Williams at least 75% of Monty's workload. I think he would get 100% of his workload if he was fully healthy going into this week. Williams is a 3 down back when healthy.
  12. 1) While Williams is more qualified he also has a minor injury so they will probably want to keep him fresh. 2) As crazy as it sounds Nagy might start Dalton this week
  13. https://heavy.com/sports/chicago-bears/myles-garrett-comments-matt-nagy-offense/
  14. I agree about the GM but I want the coach gone immediately because he is going to ruin Fields. I think Andy Reid/Mahomes had a lot more to do with his success in KC. He can't seem to adapt to the talent he has - instead he expects them to adapt to his system which might not adhere to their strengths. As I just mentioned in the other thread - the neglect that they have given the offensive line deserves firing as well but I just want to make it through the season without destroying Justin's confidence.
  15. I agree with you about waiting for him to develop but what their game plan amounted to abuse for Fields. I watched a clip of NFL analysts breaking down what the Bears did wrong. Not only did they do nothing to help the protection but they allowed the TE to go one on one with Myles Garrett. Needless to say Kmet couldn't stop him and it accounted for 1 of his 4 1/2 sacks. If you don't watch the Bears regularly you don't understand how bad a play caller Nagy has been. They have also completely neglected the offensive line and drafted a player with a history of back injuries. I didn't know that at the time of the draft but the last time they did this was when they drafted Gabe Carimi in the first round. I hope this pick isn't as big a bust as that one was.
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