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  1. I am so excited that the band is getting back together for another year . Who will the 4th QB chosen by Pace be - Ben DiNucci? If he is not a free agent maybe we can trade 2 first round draft picks for him. Maybe that guy who filled in for the Broncos when all their QBs had Covid.
  2. It was a joke (although the TD catch was amazing). I was one of the leaders of the "I can't believe they signed him to that contract" crowd and was preaching all offseason that they needed O lineman. I would rather they used the money they spent on him and Quinn for offensive lineman. I would have liked the signing if it were about 1/3 of the cost. They were probably bidding against themselves like they did when they traded up to grab Trubisky. I think Kmet might be a good player but would rather have a starting offensive lineman where they drafted him - especially after signing Graham. Claypo
  3. Who doesn't love the Jimmy Graham signing now - he scored the only TD for them yesterday in a clutch moment at the end of the game
  4. https://heavy.com/sports/chicago-bears/mitch-trubisky-brutal-update-wikipedia-page/ Mitch Trubisky Gets Brutal Update to Wikipedia Page
  5. I would have to argue with the title of this thread - Most undeserving playoff team in history. The Washington Football team got rescued by Sudfeld. I think they are equally as bad even if they didn't go through a 6 game losing streak. There have also been teams that have made the playoffs with losing records.
  6. That's right - @Stinkin Ref is the Chiefs fan. Unfortunately the Bears/Packers rivalry has been one sided. I am going to go out on a limb and say it has something to do with the Bears having QB issues. I know this is a unique thought and isn't well documented
  7. So exciting - 1 and done :puke:. Aren't you a Chiefs fan?
  8. I am 90% sure the Rams are going to win. On a positive note the Bears will only be the 2nd worst playoff team in the NFC assuming that they make it.
  9. Especially after that great throw from Mitch to Amos
  10. I don't mind them going for it but it was a bad play call
  11. Of course but it looks like this game might not matter
  12. So you are saying you think they should sign him to a long-term deal or franchise him next year
  13. Almost a 3rd interception in the end zone thrown by Mitch. Stupid throw!
  14. The Bears got lucky because Murray is out and the backup just threw a pick 6 so the Rams are ahead.
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