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  1. Fair enough. I can only speak for myself. My household is in the top 10% of household incomes (juuust barely, mind you ) but I would be okay with paying higher taxes for infrastructure improvements. I know the American Jobs Plan is mostly paid for by corporate tax changes, but in general I am okay with the idea of paying more for the common good. If Biden sticks to his $400,000 and up number for income tax changes we are talking about the top 1.8% of households, and even then taxes will only go up on income over that amount. I just think there is room here to make changes and help pay f
  2. The top 1% of incomes own 25% of wealth in this country. The top 20% of incomes own 70% of wealth. The bottom 60% of incomes own only 14.7% of the wealth in this country. The disparity gets even worse if you compare households by wealth (as opposed to income) as a percentage of total wealth. This extreme wealth inequality strikes me as a pretty solid reason to maintain a progressive tax system. The current system is not hampering the top tiers from greatly increasing their wealth (since that always seems to be the goal). Link to Federal Reserve data
  3. There were all checked in the jurisdictions I am familiar with. This is not done at the state level, it is done at the local level by the clerks. So one person is not checking millions of ballots, the clerks in charge of their local elections are responsible for verifying voters in their jurisdictions. See my long post in the "Healing" thread about my experience with the integrity of these clerks. They check every absentee ballot against state signature databases. If something doesn't match, they contact the voter to get it corrected (if there is time). If an invalid ballot comes in on e
  4. Here's my personal anecdote, for what it's worth. I work for a local government in one of the battleground states, and part of my job is working very closely with local clerks who run our elections on the town/village/city/county level. I know many of them personally, both conservatives and liberals. I will say that these people, without exception, are all 100% focused on running honest elections, following the law, and making sure votes are counted quickly and accurately. They are not political operatives, they are not doing the job for power or money or influence. It's a crappy, thankle
  5. I know that Charles Koch has been rehabilitating his image in the mainstream lately, and I'm willing to accept that he has moderated a bit since his brother passed away. I like that they support NPR, and they were never big fans of Trump. I recognize there are huge political donors with too much influence on both sides. But I live in state (WI) where in 2010 the Kochs decided to experiment with influencing state/local politics in order to seize control of local government and impose a conservative political agenda on a 50/50 state. We were not "trending red" then, any more than we are "tre
  6. I concur. Bloom's stuff is the content I am most eager to read each week. I would say his player tiers, sleepers, and buy low-sell high are my favorite weekly content. I understand that his material is more of a "hot take" than other writers, but that is also why I enjoy reading his stuff more than some of the others. He takes more chances and has some misses, but he has definitely helped me identify some trends and outliers in dynasty. This, in turn, has allowed me to consistently pick up players before they enter they general FF consciousness (usually the following week). As an as
  7. QB: Josh Allen RB: Austin Ekeler RB: Mike Davis WR: Stefon Diggs WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: Justin Jefferson WR: Diontae Johnson TE: George Kittle K: Harrison Butker DEF: Indianapolis Lost CMC and Mixon so had to muddle through with two replacement type RBs all year (Davis, Bernard, Edmonds, Moss) until I traded for Ekeler at the deadline. Kittle was gone for most of the year so it was Engram/Logan Thomas filling that spot. My QBs and WRs carried me through as I was able to consistently start a top QB and 4 WRs who were #1/#2 types (had McLauren
  8. Before (Sunday morning), but I'm not sure it matters much. A possible Cook injury was pretty much baked into Mattison's price anyway.
  9. 12 team PPR: Gave: James Robinson, Darrell Henderson Received: Alexander Mattison, DeeJay Dallas, 2021 1st (mid-low?)
  10. 12 team ppr QB/2RB/3WR/TE/FL Team A gave up: Todd Gurley Antonio Brown Team B gave up: Christian McCaffrey 3.01 4.01
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