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  1. I tend to agree with this. Stats show low ypc for CJ and Booker high ypc. And don't get me wrong, Booker looked great on his carries. But CJ constantly had DL in the backfield forcing him to bounce runs outside. Plus, two 10-15 yard carries (his two best of the game) called back by penalty and of course a very nice 20 yard catch and run for a TD called back. So while his stats didn't show a great game, I thought he looked pretty good out there.
  2. Does Dick Jauron count? He was interim HC then went to Buffalo for 3 years.
  3. I think Watkins and Evans will have something to say about that.And Odell Beckham
  4. Bryant wasn't on the field. Wheaton is still the #2I'd like to see Bryant become the 2. Hence my comment.As would I. I think Bryant could be really electric if he played a full set of snaps
  5. Bryant wasn't on the field. Wheaton is still the #2
  6. I would have no hesitation starting Bryant over VJax right now. Both are what the heck plays, but Bryant has a better offense. VJax's use last week was very discouraging.
  7. What about Dantonio or Narduzzi? heck why not try them out instead of just trotting out Caldwell or Munchak or Kubiak Unfortunately, it sounds like the front office is pigeonholing themselves by saying the need an offensive/QB coach with HC experience...instead of choosing the best possible candidate (it's all subjective though). I would love to see Narduzzi come, but he's about the opposite of what they have stated they wanted.
  8. There should be no hurry at this point. Wait and assess everyone possible (meaning all those coaches on SF, SEA, NE, and DEN). Munchak, Caldwell, etc will all be there a week, two, or three from now. I'd much rather take a chance on someone younger (like McDaniels) or even a college coach at this point then go the safer route and choose a Caldwell. Caldwell would be the least inspiring hire I could imagine. Do you think Saban would listen to an offer? Doubtful, but you never know...there are a lot of good pieces in place and he's lived in the area for a while when at MSU.
  9. He's only 25. Still time to work with him. he needs to get a QB guru in there and help him, way too many mistakes, hopefully he new system can re-fresh him ala Rivers. He has only had Linehan and Schwartz as his coaches since hes been in the league The same talent you are knocking about the INTs is the same talent that has thrown for over 4650 yards each of the last 3 years and 90 total passing TDs in that span. Take the good with the bad. I remember more than a few INTs not being his fault. Calvins handoff at the five yard line to the corner after a deep bomb wasnt Staffords fault. Also, Cal
  10. It's ridiculous that he doesn't think he needs help after seasons of 17 & 19 ints. I hope the new coaching staff forces him to work with somebody
  11. Curious why you don't like it Anthony? Injury?Don't like the nfl.com grade of him. Thinking that may have been a reach. Maybe should have gone OT Watson or CB banks instead?NFL Draft Geek's opinion on him:There is no more underrated player in the 2013 NFL Draft than Darius Slay. Slay is the 2nd best cornerback in this class, and he really isn't that far behind Dee Milliner. Why people don't give attention I have no idea, but he has everything you could want in a star cornerback. Slay is six foot tall, is the fastest corner in the draft, can play physical bump-and-run, excels in man coverage, i
  12. Who would you have taken?I don't know if they tried to or not... But I would have tried to trade down and pick up an extra 2nd.Trading down is great in theory, but you need a partner to do that. Who was available that a team was dying to trade up to get? Given who was on the board, I just don't think those phones were ringing off the hook for our pick.
  13. Who would you have taken? There were no sure things in this draft...very weak IMO. Ziggy is a project, which ideally you don't want if you're picking #5, but he also could be the most athletic guy in the draft. Athletic enough to dominate this league. I was hoping for Dion Jordan to be there, but that didn't work out. With all 3 LT's & Jordan gone, a guy with potentially the highest upside in the whole draft is a guy I'm OK drafting. I like the pick given who was left.
  14. Completely agree with Houston being priority, really one of the biggest dissapointments to me this year was Willie Young who in my mind was going to be Avril's likely replacement, DE is really turning into a weakness pretty quicklyEven with the back 7 problems I would not be surprised if they drafted a DE #1.From all I've read, I think DE is almost a certainty at this point (who knows what will change after the combine). I'd love to get that Milliner out of Bama, but it looks like at #5 that would be a reach.That German guy Björn Werner that just started playing football 5 years ago has a lot
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