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  1. Hate to agree, but Shanahan had done nothing outside of one good season. He's one of those "Good OC, bad HC" types. Unfortunately, I don't see York making any kind of coaching change any time soon. There's really no point is starting Jimmy going forward but Shahahan seems to think we will a kings ransom for him in the offseason and wants him to play as much as humanly possible. I hope we spend for some CBs when we get Rod of Jimmy's salary. Our secondary is a joke.
  2. Niners are 1-10 in their last 11 home games (incl 3 in Arizona last season)
  3. This season is a wash for SF. They're about to be 2-4 with no hope of sniffing the playoffs. Jimmys time in SF is all but done, give the keys to the rookie and let's get the Lance era started.
  4. Time to start Lance when he's healthy and let him learn as he goes. No point to start Jimmy going forward.
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