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  1. So Zach Ertz is an Arizona Cardinal now. Just what we need, another team in the division getting even more stacked. FML
  2. Human remains detection K9 from Pasco County joins search for Brian Laundrie in Carlton Reserve https://www.fox13news.com/news/human-remains-detection-k9-from-pasco-county-joins-search-for-brian-laundrie-in-carlton-reserve?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook if he's in that preserve he's definitely dead, no one could last very long out there. I wonder what prompted then to bring in the cadaver dog...maybe they found something new.
  3. Jimmys injury wasn't a 4 week out, they didn't even officially name Lance the starter til Friday when Jimmy didn't practice. At first they thought maybe 4 weeks but it turned out to be a contusion rather than a strain, so they were hopeful he might be able to start against Arizona. Kyle has said all along that Lance couldn't win the starting job no matter how he plays vs the Cardinals, so the plan all along has been for Jimmy to come back vs the Colts.
  4. Well, yeah. The question was could cadaver dogs detect a dead body if it was only in the van for a few hours well over a month ago.
  5. We all know York has given Shanahan a long leash, and I don't see him making a coaching change any time soon. That said, how long is that leash, and at what point do diminishing returns force a move? I think York gives Shanny at least one more year to see how things work out with Lance, but if Lance doesn't turn into Josh Allen by mid-season next year, does York shake things up? Time will tell, but it's gonna be interesting for sure.
  6. Do the 49ers have an identity crisis on offense? Joe Staley thinks so...and he’s not alone https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/151366-49ers-have-identity-crisis-offense-staley-thinks-alone/ "What's been shocking to me is that, one of the things, too, has been that stretch zone, but all the play-action roll-outs, that was one of our identities, the keep game. And it hasn't been there at all. And it's almost like they're trying to find and involve that new identity," said Staley. "When we, in 2019, had that great offensive year, obviously it was predicated on our run game and everything that came off of that, but it was also the play design and getting out of the pocket, and stretching and how the plays built on each other." In 2019, the 49ers offense was really good. It wasn't "Walsh-Camelot days" good, but it was good. It was a creative offense with misdirection and an innovative rushing attack that was laser-focused in finding a defense's weaknesses, and then exposing them. It was an offense that media members lauded, opposing coaches dreaded, and other teams copied. There were multiple formations, and out of those formations came a number of plays that all looked alike until the ball was snapped. It was one of the things that made that offense hard to defend. Then there were the jet sweeps, the misdirection, the motion, and the stretch run plays that featured running backs as fast as NFL receivers and defensive backs. Defenses were kept guessing...and struggled to keep up. But some of the luster, some of the shine, some of the creative genius that made Kyle Shanahan the talk of the league, seems to be lost right now in a haze of questions, beginning with "who are the San Francisco 49ers...offensively?" Where is that creative 2019 offense? Was it just smoke and mirrors? Has the league caught up to the Shanahan offense? Do the 49ers have an identity crisis on offense? Staley is not alone in his assessment. Matt Maiocco, of NBC Sports Bay Area, went on KNBR this week to talk about the 49ers. He also wrote about this topic, asking if the 49ers have an identity crisis on offense. Maiocco wrote, "Coach Kyle Shanahan, widely considered one of the best offensive minds in football, has been unable to figure out the current iteration of the 49ers. Through five games, the 49ers' offense is lacking an identity — other than knowing wide receiver Deebo Samuel is the team's only playmaker." Maiocco added to that, "The 49ers do not have a reliable component of their offense that they can count on in difficult situations. And that lack of self-awareness accounts for the biggest reason the 49ers repeatedly come up short in crucial situations."
  7. Hmmmm...I wonder if the dogs could detect it a month later if her dead body was only in the van for a couple of hours, especially if he got rid of any blankets, etc from the back of the van that he thought might have evidence on it.
  8. I called strangulation a few weeks ago. My theory is he did it in the van when that couple in the RV passed by and we saw the van back doors close. I think she was gonna flag them down for a ride or something and he choked her out to keep her quiet and from exiting the van, killing her perhaps accidentally. He then waited til dark, dragged her body to the dumping spot, and hauled butt out of there.
  9. Lance has a sprained knee. Not serious per reports. Out 2 weeks "at worst" https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/49ers-qb-trey-lance-has-knee-sprain-could-miss-1-2-weeks-worst?amp&__twitter_impression=true https://twitter.com/LombardiHimself/status/1447692106147848196?t=jqx3M5Tlmvw1j7qydwWMHw&s=19 Trey Lance had an MRI on his knee today. The news was good; it's not a long-term injury
  10. Some tidbits form yesterday. We outgained the Cardinals in total yards (338 to 304) We held the very mobile and usive Kyler Murray to 1 yard on 7 carries. Total yards per play: 49ers (5.7), Cards (5.1) We were terrible on 3rd and 4th down (3-11 on 3rd down, 1-5 on 4th down). Not good. A few comparisons: Number of passes completed 20+ yards downfield this season: Jimmy Garoppolo 2, Trey Lance 3 Lance's average depth of target was 10 yards. Jimmy's is 6.9 this season. The 49ers’ offense in Weeks 2, 3, and the first half of Week 4 with Garoppolo: 4.84 yards per play. The last six quarters with Lance: 6.12 yards per play. The Rams are 1st in the league with 6.7 yds/play (Jimmy's 4.84 falls between the Colts 5.0 and Jets 4.6, which rank 29th and 30th in the league) Lastly, Rookie QB's overall grades for Week 5: Mac Jones- 72.1 Trey Lance- 66.3 Zach Wilson- 53.9 Justin Fields- 51.3 So Lance looked like a rookie without a ton of college experience, but they knew what he was when they drafted him, and they know he needs development. If Kittle had played we would have seen a much different game due to what Kittle brings in both the passing and run game IMO...but this loss was definitely on play calling and the offense. The defense did their job and Ryans called a great game. I think we should just start Lance going forward and call bootlegs rollouts, screens, quick slants, etc, and let him learn while putting him in situations where he can use his skill set and gain confidence. The NFC is loaded again this year with the Bucs, Rams, Cards, Cowboys and Packers all looking like contenders, so it makes sense to let the rookie play and see what happens, and he can hit the ground running next year with a bunch of experience under his belt. But Shanahan is dead set on starting Jimmy...I think it's because he thinks we will get something for him after this season, but seriously, who's gonna give up much draft capital for a guy who's made of glass? We'd be lucky to get a 4th or 5th rounder for him. Here's hoping Jimmy's calf keeps him out at least another week so we can see how Lance bounces back at home vs the Colts.
  11. The fact that we have the same record as the Chiefs is pretty damn hilarious. 🤣
  12. I've had that troll on ignore for years. Funny how he never posted here during the 49ers SB run in 2019 because he can't stand it when the theyre playing well. I don't even know why he claims to be a fan of the team. Let me guess, he's probably posted long winded diatribes talking about how terrible the team is while mentioning at least 2 of the following: Terry Donahue, Jim Harbaugh, Denise York, Scott McLaughlin, Kaep, and maybe even Debartolo/Policy because he's living in the past and knows nothing other than ancient history. He's probably also bragged about how he used to be some sort of writer of 49er articles and how he knows soooo much more about the team than everyone else on planet earth. Am I close? I bet I am, cuz all he does is spew crap from decades ago that no one but him cares about. But keep feeding him if it entertains you. I'll keep him on ignore and will spare myself from all the garbage he rambles on about like a lunatic.
  13. Oh for the love of... Who left the door open for strays to come pee in here? Trolls gonna troll. The more you feed them, the more they stick around. Thank God for the ignore feature.
  14. https://twitter.com/LombardiHimself/status/1447346632752697345?t=y_-H_aiV9Ae-Whisa4r0Qw&s=19 Shanahan says the goal-line fourth down play was a designed pass (Lance was stopped at the goal line on a run)
  15. My bad. I legit thought you were trolling. Carry on. It's a small percentage of the fan base that wants him fired. He's not going anywhere.
  16. I keep forgetting we don't have 1st round picks for a couple years. Maybe we trade some players for some picks we can deal to trade up. I disagree about Shanahan though. Yeah, some of his play calling is suspect, but not having Kittle throws a huge wrench into short yardage play calls, he's that much of a factor. If Kittle played today I think we convert a few more of those 4th downs. I do agree Kyle should be calling rollouts and boots for Trey. Give him a hot read and let him make the decision. The RPO up the middle is terrible, he's not Lamar Jackson. All that said, I'm not freaking out about this season, when we lost Mostert and Verrett I knew it was gonna be another frustrating year.
  17. The game was a lot closer than anyone expected. Lance looked like a rookie, and that's OK. The only way he will get better is with game experience, and we all know Jinmy will get hurt again and Lance will prob end the season as the starter. Next season I really hope they spend wisely once they unload Jimmy's salary. O-line and CB are the 2 biggest needs IMO. McGlinchey needs to go, he's terrible. Josh Norman is Sherman last year - either getting beat, or getting called for DPI. We aren't winning anything this season, I'll be surprised if we make the playoffs with this roster and injuries. At least we will get a decent draft pick, I hope they don't screw it up.
  18. Some sloppy play by the 49ers today but they gave the Cardinals a good fight. Trey will be fine as he gets experience, and they should be able to shore up some weaknesses next season once they unload Jimmy's salary. Congrats, Cardinals fans. You have a good team again, enjoy it!
  19. Josh Norman is Richard Sherman last year. Either getting beat or committing penalties.
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