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  1. 🤞we can make this happen! I'll shoot you a PM when we get a little more confirmations.
  2. Thanks for the insight. The coach and I spoke about the timing on this. It will be a grind for sure but I have no intention of truly "racing" for time on any of these events. I just want to stay ahead of he cutoff times. Knowing me, I'll probably have to fight my competitive nature and backoff if I feel myself racing.
  3. These will be my first Tri's of any distance. We are going up to St. George to support crew for a couple friends in May. That will be the first Tri I've attended. I think San Francisco will happen unless we start to slide backwards again. I just don't see that happening so we are full speed ahead, moving forward! Thanks for the great advice!
  4. Figured I should take a little time to update my Tri training progress and to write down my schedule for summer/fall 2021 to help keep me accountable an motivated (not that I really have any trouble with that)🤑 July 25 San Francisco HM. Wife and I love SF and this fits in with our training for the next increasingly difficult events. August 28-29 Santa Barbara Triathlon. (1mi ocean swim, 34mi bike, 10mi run) This will be my first go at a tri & longest ocean swim ever. This is the only event we are not officially signed up for but my coach is quite certain it will be a go. S
  5. He’s such a psychopath. Watch him shoot 65 today.
  6. There are micro climates everywhere that are perfect (or not) for growing things. Always look at soil temperature as a guide for planting or seeding. https://www.greencastonline.com/tools/soil-temperature
  7. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/green-bay-packers-robert-tonyan-jr-football Hey Bobby!!
  8. If you put seed down now all it will do is feed the birds. Seed, just like crabgrass needs soil temps in at least the 60's to germinate. You could pre-germinate some seed in the spring, prior to the crabgrass preventer application, wait until late summer/early fall to overseed.
  9. Gonna start him over Andrews this weekend just on general principle. I could see Rodgers try to make a statement.
  10. Playoff Stud. With Hurts as QB, life is much easier for Miles. Merry Christmas!
  11. Belicheck rookie QB voodoo gives me pause but I may stash Bowden as a wait & see against LV if I make the 'Ship.
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