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  1. It has been about 4 years since we went...were going to go in 2020, but now shooting to maybe go back next year. It is on 7-mile beach which I believe was named one of the top 10 beaches in the world or something...so the beach and the food is great. really just a great laid-back atmosphere at the resort. We snorkel almost every day and night snorkel (extra fee - like 35$ pp) at least once a trip. We never did the nude beach either...and I thought Swept Away was the only couples resort in jamaica w/o a nude section. We also love that it is couples only and no chidlren...we go to get away from all that and our 3 kids, so it is perfect atmosphere to just relax.
  2. Yup, have done Couples Swept Away in Jamaica 4 times...probably our favorite vacation spot!
  3. My three kids have been in large public schools, full time, 100% in person since 1 Aug 2020 (3 different ones based on their ages). There are cases here and there, mostly teachers getting it. But zero outbreaks and they haven't shut down any of the schools for a single day. Close contacts quarantine, but that is it. Not one horror story, outbreak, or cluster. The threat of schools is way overblown - can't speak for high school though, but 8th grade through Pre-k, no issues..
  4. In Georgia, we never locked down after the first 3-4 weeks of this thing. I figured FL was about the same. School has been full in person in many places, restaurants fully running...I guess maybe theaters are not fully operating or professional sports stadiums/arenas. But other than that, not much to re-open, so percentage of vaccinations has no bearing. Now I know parts of GA are somewhat still shut...I think Atlanta is one. It bugs me watching the news talking about all the steps they need to do, vaccininations, yadda yadda to open the ATL schools...when my wife has been full-time in person teaching all year and my three kids in-person school all year w/ minimal hiccups. They don't even acknowledge whole area/counties running full-up school and all the efforts they put in place to make it happen. The good news stories like that is against the narrative...
  5. Only time I use my debit card is to take out cash. Otherwise always a credit card for 2% cash back. Or if buying groceries my AMEX that gives 6% back at grocery stores.
  6. A stock I am trying to buy more of this morning is CBDL ...it is another MJ stock that has a store in Arizona and just this morning put out news about selling on Amazon. Hoping to get some at .01 ish this morning with the hope it will rise to .06-.07 on Amazon news.
  7. In middle Georgia here...I agree, everything is open and practically normal. Has been the whole time. My 3 kids go to three different schools and haven't missed a day all year from COVID or quarentine. My wife is a teacher too, hasn't missed. It is not spreading in schools. I do notice higher mask wearing in our town than you see...I would say closer to 75% inside. No one really wears them outside.
  8. 2nd time here in about 15 years of playing. About a decade ago I won $50!
  9. Extrapolate France's cases to US population, and france would have 200k cases in a day! More than double our worst day. So while we lead the way in totals, France just crushed us in todays cases per million!
  10. Good to hear, three kids in full time in-person school since Aug 4th...wife teaches as well...no issues either...this is in middle GA...can't believe all the doom and gloomers act like we are sending our kids to the chopping block each day...
  11. i never said herd immunity was the way to go or even a good idea to push towards...but I do expect a vaccine in the next 6 months at the latest. I only spouted off the 80 million and 32 million numbers when someone posted statistics in this thread saying that only 8 million people in the US had contracted Covid (basically only the reported positives). My point was that many more people have contracted it than the "reported" positive cases. The only restriction we really have is to wear a mask in public, inside...and no large gatherings...other than that business as usual.
  12. I agree...herd immunity is not really an option at this point...I feel for the high risk people and know some of them (some take precautions, some don't take any...). I haven't done much different (wear my mask in public when not distanced)...but I have also been in South Korea through most of this.
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