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  1. Love my UE Megaboom. Mine is a 1st gen (I think they're on Gen 3 now) but it sounds fantastic. Waterproof and floats if you accidentally drop it in the pool.
  2. LOL...forgot about that quote. It's actually more relevant than you probably thought too...I'm retiring in 2 weeks.
  3. I'm a cop and I don't see any reason for Waze to stop reporting police locations. Anything that makes drivers more aware of what's coming up (like a fellow officer on a roadside stop) is a good thing. And I definitely don't understand the checkpoint angle. Heck, in Ohio, we have to publicize the location of upcoming DUI checkpoints in the local media. That certainly doesn't stop the drunks from coming through them anyway.
  4. Dig around the Jeep thread. He posted pics in there a while back.
  5. I've been very happy with the waterrower. I would definitely buy it again. Outside of the quiet, I'd say they're pretty comparable. Price wise, I think they're pretty close...the waterrower may be $100 or so more. The waterrower looks nicer IMO because of the wood frame. The only maintenance I've ever had to do on it is putting a chlorine tab in the water tank about every 6 months or so. I did see that waterrower has attachments now that you can mount a phone or tablet to watch or use the City Row app.
  6. Concept 2 is a great rower. It's what we trained on when I was on my college rowing team. I bought a rower a few years ago and decided to go with the Waterrower. For me, it came down to noise level. The Waterrower is just so much quieter when I'm rowing. I don't have to blast my music or TV to hear it. ETA: Neither the COncept 2 or the Waterrower has the screen and trainers like on the Nordic Track. Waterrower does have a partnership of sorts with City Row and their app. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really say if it's worthwhile.
  7. He didn't kick the guy. He kicked the fence. Watch the video again. That being said, I'm surprised he kept his job after lying on the report. Once a cop is caught lying, it makes it near impossible for them to do their job. You can't put a guy on the stand to testify when the defense can besically impeach him as a liar without even trying.
  8. I picked the new one up this weekend with the season pass for $45 on the Xbox Countdown sale. I'm loving it. It's more of the same from the previous 2 games, but it's so well done and so polished, it's just a blast.
  9. If you don't plan on going on trails, I'd definitely go with the FX. With the solid fork and narrower tires, it'll be much more efficient for road riding.
  10. I have a Trek DS that's a few years old but would be basically the same as a Dual Sport 2. It's a great bike, especially if you think you might want to do some light trails with it. And since the DS 4 has a lockout suspension, you should be good to go for pavement.
  11. According to the press on this, it can handle 35s without modifications.
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