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  1. oh man. what was that? one of the worst shots in pga tour history. flat out duffed it.
  2. I don't know. Don't think so. It's not just this tournament. Been like this all year.
  3. Do these guys just not replace divots anymore? Did something change in the last few years? Guys are taking massive divots and caddies ignore it and just start walking as soon as the shot is hit. These fairways are littered with huge chunks of turf. What happened?
  4. I'm taking all the Louie Oostie this week.
  5. Penalty assessed. That'll affect some bets and dfs action.
  6. How bad you think Tiger just wants to be able to finish 18 right now? Should be a rule that if you're near the green on 18 when they blow the horn you can finish quickly if you want. Tiger could chip and two putt in about 15 seconds. Pretty sure he doesn't care if he finishes +5 or +6.
  7. Geez. Guys already putting up some big numbers today.
  8. He does this every time he doesn't play well.
  9. Did Bryson try to improve the area where he was dropping before he dropped? Betwen this, his caddie blocking cameras, asking for additional rulings...guy is not coming off well. Going full heel. https://twitter.com/Hillviewstiger/status/1284235871529639936
  10. What in the hell is DeChambeau doing on this hole. About to make a 10.
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