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  1. That middle school defense just held KenPom's 8th ranked offense in the nation to 62 points which was their lowest point total of the season. If you're going to talk #### at least try to make sense.
  2. Not sure what happened in omaha after I got bounced but @Don't Noonan was in the mix. I finished 3rd for $40.
  3. Trump on TV now trying to change the subject, randomly listing potential supreme court justices. Ted Cruz is on the list.
  4. Tie between Estranged and November Rain. Both still great. Most of Appetite hasn't held up imo. Great in the day, of course.
  5. oh man. what was that? one of the worst shots in pga tour history. flat out duffed it.
  6. https://twitter.com/MattVerderame/status/1300900974098227200?s=19 "My understanding is the Chiefs have potential interest in Leonard Fournette now that he's cleared waivers. The money would need to be right as he'd be backing up Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who has impressed considerably in training camp."
  7. Do hem and him sound exactly alike? C'mon man.
  8. I don't know. Don't think so. It's not just this tournament. Been like this all year.
  9. Do these guys just not replace divots anymore? Did something change in the last few years? Guys are taking massive divots and caddies ignore it and just start walking as soon as the shot is hit. These fairways are littered with huge chunks of turf. What happened?
  10. running good tonight. get in there. have 12 minutes.
  11. I'm taking all the Louie Oostie this week.
  12. I had not one but two(!) techs come to fix the internet today. Would love to test it out tonight.
  13. I listed those 6 because I've watched them all in the last 2 days.
  14. Would love to have played tonight but I'm STILL connectivity issues. Had the AT&T tech in my place yesterday (again). Things worked great last night but today the issue returned. At the freakin end of my rope. Disconnect from Stars every 5 minutes for about 90 seconds. Have two choices: AT&T or Spectrum and I hate Spectrum. Someone supposed to come out Tuesday and check something at a nearby site to check for issues. No issues for 15 years until a few months ago. Sick of this ####.
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