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  1. i'm pretty sure you have to be subscribed to HBO through a provider to get HBOGO. i certainly hope i'm wrong.Unfortunately, you have to have an HBO subscription through a provider. I just use my In-Laws account though.
  2. Why?The hospital is probably hiring fewer RNs and more personal trainers to work with rehab patients. I literally lol'd
  3. THAT's the reason for some of the snide remarks IMO.... It's like beating a dead horse. Hence the constant :wall: There IS ACTUALLY some good advice being dished out.....
  4. That's what the FFA is for. It was a thought in my head. If I really felt gung ho about it I would have done it. It's been 2 months since she broke up with me. Generally, I'm doing ok but just her contacting me again brought up the thought. One thing for sure is that I don't want to get back with her. Can never trust her again. I do miss her at times, but I don't think it's her that I really miss. Just the companionship and the idea of a GF, someone who is there for you no matter what (well until she meets a personal trainer). There are plenty of women out there that can fill that role. Nothing about her is truly unique in that sense. Just making the transition from having my mind set on a house, marriage, and kids soon vs. having to go out on the dating scene again is tough. I wish this could all roll off my back so easily like you guys make it seem, but having your life/dreams change so suddenly, without warning, and nothing you can do about it has been hard. Not sure anyone can really get over that completely in 2 months. That wasn't the problem. It was you were actively trying to keep her in your life on some level that caused the ffa to go crazy. You were in some serious denial and sabotaging your statements of being over her. I won't be surprised if you're still stinging a bit 6 months from the breakup. I still hurt on some level more than a year after I broke up with my ex. But you can't let it stop you - date, date, and date some more. Force yourself to get out there. And don't just date - do activities. Meetup.com, hang with friends, take walks, go to Spain...stay busy. You'll be so busy living your life you'll be over her faster than you realize and you'll have lots of great memories of all the fun you had. :goodposting: As hard as it may be.... you HAVE to get over her. Don't keep looking for excuses to keep her in your life like Dr. Awesome stated. DON"T try to thank her parents.... DON"T write her a note reminding her of anything..... Lay off the booze for a bit.... I know its the FFA but for goodness sakes..... LISTEN TO US!!!!!
  5. at least you're getting that under control.....let me guess, you didn't drive home though
  6. Watched every episode from beginning to end. Thought it was a good finale...... I'll miss Sara's half nakedness......
  7. Wifey and I watched seasons 1&2 off netflix in a span of a week and IMO it has taken over the Office (which we love). Didnt like Aziz (Tom Haverford) as a comdedian, but after watching the show, we now love his style. Andy is probably our favorite character. Funny dude.
  8. That's the worst name I ever heard. :cry: HEY!! JOEY JO-JO!! :barney:
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