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  1. Says the guy with a Quagmire avatar....
  2. Very anxious to watch him tonight against Boston. Coming off the last 4 starts, especially the last one, facing a team that hasn't seen him much but has a really good offense. It's been a long time since I felt like the Mets were appointment television.
  3. So, interestingly enough, Santana is 9th on that list and I watched pretty much every start he had with the Mets. I wouldn't start him over deGrom any day of the week. I don't care what the numbers there say.
  4. As of the end of last season, in 170 career starts deGrom allowed one or no runs 79 times. Going back to 2018, the leader in shutouts has either 1 or 2 shut outs in that given year. They just don't happen anymore.
  5. I would agree on Johnson. Hard for me to include Clemens with all the speculation and his "miraculous" turnaround in Toronto.
  6. I'm 54. The two best pitchers I've ever seen were 1985 Gooden and prime Sox Pedro Martinez. deGrom has passed Gooden and is in the discussion with Pedro right now. We could be watching a really special season here with this start.
  7. Update on the Noom journey. Again, at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I've been following it since Mid July. Starting weight - 257.0 Goal weight - 199.0 Current weight - 198.6 Got to ~205 around December, didn't spike through the holidays and have started shaving off here or there getting more active as spring hits. Noom basically re-taught me how to think about what I was eating, how much I was eating and how active I was being. Life changer for sure.
  8. Live in the FL Keys. Wake up, strong coffee, fresh fruit from my own mango tree. A long walk listening to news or a podcast. Grab my fishing pole, head out to catch dinner. Mid-afternoon cocktails at the local bar. Cook up my dinner. Write in my journal. Learn to paint watercolors. Continue learning to play chess.
  9. I have a teenage daughter and a teenage nephew so I try to keep up enough to embarrass them. No cap. Like "no lie" or "for real". This pizza is good. No cap. Sus. Suspicious. What did you do? You're looking sus. Hit different. Like "This pizza is okay, but these wings hit different." Nothing gets them worked up when I start throwing these into their conversations.
  10. Severance usually hinges on whether he's being let go for performance or they're eliminating the role due to efficiency savings or financial reasons. If they're eliminating the role, he would usually get severance to help him get along until he can get another job. If it's performance based and the boss just doesn't want him there, I would say more often than not there is no severance.
  11. "Right now". The Royal Family has their sights set on longer timelines than what's trending on TMZ this morning.
  12. It feels like she got into this whole relationship with the intent of undermining the royal family and making them implode....and she's off to a pretty good start. That family is so teflon, they'll likely just sit back with their mouths shut and wait for her to be insignificant so let's see what she has lined up for the next round.
  13. Supply and demand. If the company looks good enough on her resume, she'll pay the dues....or someone else will. No unpaid internships making subs at Subway.
  14. She's awesome. The 2nd season is virtually her work on the appeals. And watching Avery's parents get older and going through it all is pretty sad. What a depressing, dead end part of the country that is.
  15. I know someone who writes letters to Brendan in prison. (I know, I know....she's super religious and feels awful for him). She'll post bits and pieces of the letters on her Facebook page from time to time and he writes like a 6 year old. That "confession" is laughable.....but has been upheld to the highest degrees of our justice system so far.
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