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  1. Reading this morning that their focus is national, and it's doubtful they'd catch Michigan in the conference standings. But too bad for Ayo and his national exposure. For his sake, and Illinois', I hope he's back soon. Go Blue.
  2. Keep in mind that a lot of marathons will be piled on top of each other this fall. Chicago, for example, is the day before Boston. Those who like to do a few of those marathons will have to make a choice. That dynamic, plus the virtual option, should have some effect on registrations.
  3. "Field size for the in-person Boston Marathon has not yet been finalized but will be smaller than previous years in order to enhance participant and public safety. The B.A.A. will strive to achieve a field size composition as close to previous years as possible, with approximately 80% of the field being comprised of qualified entrants and 20% being comprised of invitational entries, including charity program runners. Details about the in-person race, including registration dates, COVID-19 safety measures, and participant requirements will be announced in the coming weeks."
  4. This is part of what impresses me about your running - due to your work schedule, you're knocking out all those miles and all those fast miles very early in the morning ...so you're dealing with the dark and cold mornings. I have the luxury of waiting for daylight and warming temps, but you don't have that benefit. Props to you, fast-running-man.
  5. Do the Packers play better when it's DST?
  6. Riiight. "Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression."
  7. Oh, cry me a river. ETA: It just seems odd to dump on "the left" after all the incendiary language of the past four years that has ripped our nation apart. Free speech has come with quite a cost to our democracy and values.
  8. I've actually considered that, my friend. I would be super-psyched and incredibly humbled to have both of you plowing the road. On one hand, the two of you, at an easier pace for each of you, could enjoy the event together (leaving me less stressed that you're 'burdened' with me). You two could chatter away while I zen out. On the other hand, if my training is sufficient, we'd roll along with the possibility of bringing me in near the top of a Boston AG. That'd be an epic, helluva team effort for our BMF crew. [ @SteelCurtain will be snappin' pics ("look, tri-man's starting to drool
  9. He'll fight through it if he knows there's a glute massage waiting at the end.
  10. @SteelCurtain, I see in the race calendar you list Boston as a 3:30 'fun run.' First of all, :finger: Second, and seriously, might you have any interest in running that a few minutes faster and playing pacer, if it works out ....training and corral-wise?
  11. Timely! Registered last night for the Fox Valley 20 miler on 9/19 (final pace test for Boston, though this on a flat course), and just finished using miles to book flights to/from Boston. Flying in on Friday so I can hit the expo on Saturday and actually rest my legs on Sunday. [Already had booked an AirBnB near the Southborough train station where they run shuttles to the Hopkinton start line.] Patiently increasing my mileage every few weeks with a plan to be at 50/week with SOS workouts in April; 55/week and SOS in May. And then start marathon training.
  12. Dang, I've missed the race reports. What a crazy, BMF effort, @MAC_32!
  13. Seems to me the time you'd spend seeing the Dr is time you could spend googling around to find stretches/yoga for a sore/stiff back. And as you note, you have experience with tweaks. A little bit of trial and careful error would probably help you identify which routines are beneficial to you. You've got the crew here to bounce ideas off of and to give you the discipline that a PT would provide. Also as you note, you've got to be smarter about this now. Why pay a Dr and/or PT to be smart for you?
  14. But of course, they only need to fix the election problems that occurred with voting for president. And only in a handful of states that Trump lost. Other than that, things apparently worked just fine. Which is just so weird ...that so many people are buying into the lie as selectively applied.
  15. Of note, the people of Israel - because of their disobedience in the desert (call it self-centeredness and following false gods/leaders) - were not allowed to enter the promised land. An entire generation, left to essentially wander aimlessly. That's what this generation of the conservative wing of the modern Republican party might have in its future. So odd. So sad.
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