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  1. I did a 5 hour drive home after my first marathon. It wasn't a particularly enjoyable trip, but I got it done. Plan on 8 1/2 since you'll want to stop and semi-stretch. Thank God for cruise control. I hear there's a popular late-fall marathon in Indianapolis. What could be more enjoyable than a trip to Indy in November? You scoff, and while you'll spend next week swearing off marathons forever, by the week after you'll be identifying areas of possible improvement for the next one ...
  2. For $5,000, might as well get your money's worth. NTTAWWT.
  3. I might have to make the trip south to join in the support crew. "We're gonna need a bigger tube of lotion."
  4. At age 73, "ultra-geezer" Gene Dykes just competed in the new, 250 mile Cocodona race in Arizona. He made it through 152 miles over 73+ hours and with 25,000 feet of elevation. He stated (on Strava) that over those three days and nights, he got in about five hours of nap time.
  5. Play to your strengths. If (when) you struggle, just drop to the ground and knock out some push-ups like a boss.
  6. I've been considering this idea for my marathon training ...push the bigger miles and the long runs early on, and then worry less about quantity and more about quality (SOS) over the back half of the training (still maybe keep a rather long run every few weeks, but keep the focus on quality).
  7. Agreed. This gets to an aspect we haven't fully addressed, but of course is near and dear to my heart ...and that's HR. Through the training process, a lot of data is collected on HR. So come marathon-time, you can use HR data as a control mechanism. If the HR gets too high, too early ...prepare to hit the wall later on. As I've stated (too many times), I'll run longer races by HR more than predetermined pace. I generally know how HR correlates to pace, but on any given day, ya just don't know what cards you've been dealt. But HR becomes a regulator and reality check.
  8. Modification on this first point. But the general point is certainly one of the keys.
  9. I'm something of a contrarian on this, but I'm a big fan of multiple runs of 20 miles ..and more. I like to have a couple runs of 22-23 miles. (Last training cycle I had a 21, 22, and 23 miler.) The logic is that those miles at a slow pace is close to the time-on-feet of the faster marathon effort. I also try to have two or three double digits runs each week with a number of those in the high teens.
  10. Still fighting the hammy/glute issue, so generally laying low for a few weeks. I'll be losing some fitness, but my more focused training wasn't going to start until June anyway.
  11. I don't know if I can see you taking well to a coach telling you how to train *. That said, if you were looking to up your game, I think that an emphasis needs to be placed on the mental aspects. You mentioned in your recent HM that you thought about quitting at mile 8. I know you've dropped out of some races in recent years. That part worries me more than the physical training ...developing the Shalane "going to f### s### up attitude." * You've got a track virtually across the street from you (not that you ever use it!). You're in a rolling hills neighborhood and have access
  12. This is likely to get you an "Access Denied" message on the bedroom door from Mfootguy.
  13. You can 'go' faster than that. -- And I'd say don't sweat the fact that your strongest priorities are not running right now. In several years, when you can make the appropriate commitment, you can then be the best you can be at that age. I've wondered at times what I might have been able to do in a marathon if I had made the attempt 25-30 years ago. But I don't dwell on it because I know that my focus was elsewhere ...no regrets about it. The beauty of the AGs is you always can challenge yourself against your peers. For now, you're living a good life. Keep enjoying it!
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