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  1. Half PPR need a WR and a flex. Who ya got?
  2. Yeah. I decided Mahomes and Waller was better than sitting idle and hoping that the right team got eliminated to get Kelce. I'd rather survive this week and take my chances.
  3. Team 3 added Akers, Mike Davis ($11 left) Team 2 added ARob ($95 left) I have $72 left.
  4. I ended up getting Kamara, Robinson, Mahomes, Allen, and Waller. Roster now sits at: QB: Mahomes, Josh Allen RB: CMC, Kamara, Ekeler, Jacobs, Robinson, Montgomery WR: Adams, Diggs, Hill, Keenan, AJ Brown TE: Waller, Andrews, Tonyan. I'll take that against any other roster out there.
  5. We can bid until the very end. Lineup dominator has us all at the same point level before bidding this week, so it should be a close one.
  6. Made it to the final three. I do my league on MFL.com, so we run waivers all year. Half PPR, Half pt/First Down, Start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex (RWT) I was really hoping the Kelce owner would have been eliminated, but alas, he did not. I'm sitting with: My Team: $117 QB: Wilson, Watson RB: CMC, Ekeler, Monty, Jacobs, Mostert WR: Adams, Diggs, Allen, Hill, Jefferson, AJBrown TE: Andrews, Gronk, Tonyan Team 2: $116 QB: Rodgers, Herbert RB: Cook, Henry, Jones, Hunt, Carson, Gibson WR: Metcalf, Nuk, Kupp, Claypool, Evans TE: Hockens
  7. Or is it hardest easy decision ever? Guillotine League, so rosters are stacked. Half PPR CMC is out, so I will be starting 4 WR. Which of these 4 do I choose? Davante Adams v DET Tyreek Hill v MIA Keenan Allen v ATL Stefon Diggs v PIT Justin Jefferson v TB AJ Brown v JAX
  8. Week 13 here, and our waivers run tomorrow. We can bid all season. Sitting here with $156 left. QB: Wilson RB: Jacobs, CMC, Davis, Ekeler, Mostert, Monty, Dobbins WR: Adams, AJB, Keenan, Jefferson, Boyd, Golladay. TE: Gronk, Engram (Covid IR - Andrews) Chubb is the guy that can help me most. The rest are WR that can boost my depth with Thomas, Diggs, Cooks, Woods, Kupp available. Also a backup QB with Allen and Herbert. I am putting $0 bids on the WRs and both QBs. I am trying to figure out what to bid for Chubb. Teams left: $205 - Needs RB.
  9. Great. Now I have to decide if I start him coming off an injury or start AJ Brown at my flex.
  10. I picked Swift because there are fewer uncertainties with his injury. Who knows when Ekeler will play? I will say that the difference isn't too big. If you picked Ekeler, it wouldn't be a bad choice.
  11. We start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, FlexWRT My WR are: Adams, Keenan, AJB, Boyd, Golladay, Jefferson Other teams' RBs: 1)433: Cook, AJones, Gibson, Hunt, Carson, Henderson - stacked 3)250: Chubb, RJones, Drake, Edmonds, Mixon - underwhelming 4)205: Gurley, Sanders, Taylor, Fournette, Ahmed, Moss - underwhelming 5)83: CEH, Ballage, DJ Dallas, Gallman - so bad 6)25: Kamara, Robinson, Swift, Conner, Bernard, Akers - Decent Team 3, 4, 5 all are weak. 6 is ok, and 1 is stacked. Team 1 also sat out last week's bids, so he might be just waiting to be the only guy with
  12. Our waivers run tomorrow and go for the ENTIRE SEASON. Budgets: 1)433, 2)ME-268 3)250, 4)205, 5)83, 6)25 CMC, Henry, Zeke, and DK are FAs. My RBs: Jacobs, Davis, Mostert, Monty, Ekeler Bid $251 on both CMC and Henry and be happy getting one or save money for later?
  13. I took a chance and went $260 and got him. The loaded roster didn't even put in a bid. Either did the next largest bankroll. Could have got him for $161. I'm happy though. I also got Austin Ekeler for $13. I'm now at $268, which is second highest and $18 more than third.
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