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  1. Wow.. You are thorough. I appreciate the breakdown and explanation. This kind of stuff is beyond my capabilities.
  2. This is the first year. We can sign them from 1-4 years. There is a 1/3 penalty for early cuts. I sent you a PM.
  3. Just did my first auction league where we have to declare 1-4 year deals at the price we got each player for. What method did you use to determine what length of contract to give? I'm trying to come up with a system to compare bid amount and dynasty value, but I'm not sure how to be efficient/accurate with this.
  4. I scrolled and searched and didn't see this anywhere, so... 12 Team PPR league, what order to you rank the draft slots for those who get to choose as part of the draft process? I think I go with: 3 - get one of the top 3 RBs 2 - same 1 - same 8 - Get stud WR or Kelce 9 - same 4 - settle for Zeke or Henry 5 - same 10 - lots of options with good return in Rd 2 11 - same 12 - same 7 - tough decision on 2nd tier RB or start the WR route early 6 - same
  5. It feels strange to think "I really trust what this FO is doing" when referring to the Browns, but here we are. I don't have any trepidations about this hiring or his role in the FO.
  6. I have the opportunity to pick up Adams in a keeper league where I could keep him for at least the next 4 years. What is Adams' long term value with Rodgers probably leaving town next year? How much of a hit does he take?
  7. Quick question...besides price and DFS content, is there anything you don't get from FBG with the RotoPass that you would get with a regular FBG sub?
  8. Yeah, well the Shark Pool is for player discussion and strategy and the Assistant Coach forum is for team management advice. I'm sure you're right about the second part. Someone's bound to stumble across this and decide not to be a Richard.
  9. Then which does it belong in if not a Free For All forum?
  10. Taking money out of it, if I don't care about the DFS content, is there anything I don't get with the RotoPass that I previously did with my FBG subscription? I'm mostly concerned about draft dominator and league dominator.
  11. Half PPR need a WR and a flex. Who ya got?
  12. Yeah. I decided Mahomes and Waller was better than sitting idle and hoping that the right team got eliminated to get Kelce. I'd rather survive this week and take my chances.
  13. Team 3 added Akers, Mike Davis ($11 left) Team 2 added ARob ($95 left) I have $72 left.
  14. I ended up getting Kamara, Robinson, Mahomes, Allen, and Waller. Roster now sits at: QB: Mahomes, Josh Allen RB: CMC, Kamara, Ekeler, Jacobs, Robinson, Montgomery WR: Adams, Diggs, Hill, Keenan, AJ Brown TE: Waller, Andrews, Tonyan. I'll take that against any other roster out there.
  15. We can bid until the very end. Lineup dominator has us all at the same point level before bidding this week, so it should be a close one.
  16. Made it to the final three. I do my league on MFL.com, so we run waivers all year. Half PPR, Half pt/First Down, Start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex (RWT) I was really hoping the Kelce owner would have been eliminated, but alas, he did not. I'm sitting with: My Team: $117 QB: Wilson, Watson RB: CMC, Ekeler, Monty, Jacobs, Mostert WR: Adams, Diggs, Allen, Hill, Jefferson, AJBrown TE: Andrews, Gronk, Tonyan Team 2: $116 QB: Rodgers, Herbert RB: Cook, Henry, Jones, Hunt, Carson, Gibson WR: Metcalf, Nuk, Kupp, Claypool, Evans TE: Hockenson, Goedert Team 3: $51 QB: Murray, Jackson RB: Chubb, Zeke, Taylor, Gallman, Sanders, Gurley WR: Thomas, Locket, McLaurin, Ridley, Cooks, Aiyuk, Diontae Johnson TE: Kelce I would have gone all in on Kelce, but now not sure how much to throw at Waller. Team 2 has Hockenson but needs WR help. I am tempted to just bid $0 and hope that he doesn't spend on TE. Team 3 needs RB, and so do I to an extent with CMC still out. Notable FAs: Mahomes, Josh Allen, Kamara, James Robinson, Akers, Swift, Amari, ARob, Thielen, Waller I'm having trouble figuring out where/how to spend my money without any one "must have" out there. What bids would you make?
  17. Or is it hardest easy decision ever? Guillotine League, so rosters are stacked. Half PPR CMC is out, so I will be starting 4 WR. Which of these 4 do I choose? Davante Adams v DET Tyreek Hill v MIA Keenan Allen v ATL Stefon Diggs v PIT Justin Jefferson v TB AJ Brown v JAX
  18. Week 13 here, and our waivers run tomorrow. We can bid all season. Sitting here with $156 left. QB: Wilson RB: Jacobs, CMC, Davis, Ekeler, Mostert, Monty, Dobbins WR: Adams, AJB, Keenan, Jefferson, Boyd, Golladay. TE: Gronk, Engram (Covid IR - Andrews) Chubb is the guy that can help me most. The rest are WR that can boost my depth with Thomas, Diggs, Cooks, Woods, Kupp available. Also a backup QB with Allen and Herbert. I am putting $0 bids on the WRs and both QBs. I am trying to figure out what to bid for Chubb. Teams left: $205 - Needs RB. If he wants Chubb, he gets him $156 - Me $130 - Best roster. No real holes. $83 - Needs RB $25 - Needs WR What do I bid for Chubb? Right now, I have him at $86. If top dollar wants him, he's his. If not, he might get cute and bit down to the $83 guy, so I bumped it a few bucks higher than that mark.
  19. Great. Now I have to decide if I start him coming off an injury or start AJ Brown at my flex.
  20. I picked Swift because there are fewer uncertainties with his injury. Who knows when Ekeler will play? I will say that the difference isn't too big. If you picked Ekeler, it wouldn't be a bad choice.
  21. We start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, FlexWRT My WR are: Adams, Keenan, AJB, Boyd, Golladay, Jefferson Other teams' RBs: 1)433: Cook, AJones, Gibson, Hunt, Carson, Henderson - stacked 3)250: Chubb, RJones, Drake, Edmonds, Mixon - underwhelming 4)205: Gurley, Sanders, Taylor, Fournette, Ahmed, Moss - underwhelming 5)83: CEH, Ballage, DJ Dallas, Gallman - so bad 6)25: Kamara, Robinson, Swift, Conner, Bernard, Akers - Decent Team 3, 4, 5 all are weak. 6 is ok, and 1 is stacked. Team 1 also sat out last week's bids, so he might be just waiting to be the only guy with money left. OR he can pounce on one of the stud RBs and be done with it. He'd be better off getting DK Metcalf than a RB. I am confident at my chances to survive without getting any of the top guys. If I were to bid, I was thinking of bidding $206 for Henry and CMC and see if I get either one. Maybe a low bid on Zeke too.
  22. Our waivers run tomorrow and go for the ENTIRE SEASON. Budgets: 1)433, 2)ME-268 3)250, 4)205, 5)83, 6)25 CMC, Henry, Zeke, and DK are FAs. My RBs: Jacobs, Davis, Mostert, Monty, Ekeler Bid $251 on both CMC and Henry and be happy getting one or save money for later?
  23. I took a chance and went $260 and got him. The loaded roster didn't even put in a bid. Either did the next largest bankroll. Could have got him for $161. I'm happy though. I also got Austin Ekeler for $13. I'm now at $268, which is second highest and $18 more than third.
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