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  1. The brilliance of Urban https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/792004-hc-urban-meyer-jax/?do=findComment&comment=23650232
  2. Like Trevor and the QB sneak, Urbs not sure Agnew was comfortable with that play
  3. No thought of kneeling it out and taking the lead into the locker room. Absolutely no respect for Jags D
  4. This is the type of strategery that sets Urbs apart from his counterparts. Flores and the Dolphins are dealing with: 1. a 1-4 record 2. a trip to London 3. Tua's return 4. injuries to the WR corps So lots of adversity, and now thanks to Urban's brilliance, now they don't know which bad kicker they will be facing tomorrow. https://www.jaguars.com/_mobileview/news/friday-update-kicker-decision-made
  5. Local sports media has already decided after 5 weeks he’s in over his head, and remember, this is Gators’ country, so they all started as drooling fanboys. Last night the dean of the TV sportscasters said he “had a problem with the truth” in regard to his postgame pressers answer re: goal line calls (i.e. not knowing if Trevor was comfortable with a QB sneak, wondering if Robinson was dinged up when he was pulled from the failed 1st and goal series).
  6. No NFL team has ever gone wrong feeding gadget player Tavon Austin and..checks program…ex-DB Jamal Agnew. Urban is playing chess; the rest of the league is playing checkers
  7. Whenever I watch King Henry destroy the Jags (which is every time they play the Titans) I can’t help think back to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was in the karate class with 11 year olds.
  8. From Feely, you get the kind of quality NFL insider analysis that can only come from a mediocre ex-kicker
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