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  1. First day of free agency nets Jamal Agnew, Phillip Dorsett, Rudy Ford, Carlos Hyde, Rayshawn Jenkins, Roy Robertson-Harris and re-inks Dawaune Smoot I smell Super Bowl!
  2. Hot take click bait nonsense interested in Clark’s take on Dan Marino’s 8-10 career playoff record
  3. https://www.jacksonville.com/story/sports/nfl/2021/02/12/urban-meyer-takes-close-view-trevor-lawrence-during-pro-day/6735499002/
  4. inauspicious start.... https://www.jacksonville.com/story/sports/columns/gene-frenette/2021/02/13/jaguars-divorce-chris-doyle-embarrassment-meyer-khan/4471787001/
  5. This is the same guy who lost to the Jags despite Bortles throwing 2 picks in the last 2 minutes.
  6. Correct. The discussion this week was that the Jags will actively seek to deal Minshew over the offseason. They saw enough to know he is not an NFL-caliber starting QB, but since he was the Jags starter for parts of 2 seasons, and is a tough competitor with a big personality, keeping him around to back up Trevor would be a disservice to both guys
  7. Big question on how he might fare in an Urban Meyer spread O that values speed. Shenault makes his money as a big body around the LOS or across the middle
  8. No surprises here I actually appreciate the fact Marrone and staff kept this lousy team playing hard throughout the season. Tough to justify retaining him after 1-15, tho very hesitant about Urbs
  9. Last night looked like he was already wearing the teal and black. 🤣
  10. Sadly, it may also be a “gives the team the best chance to win” start.
  11. Glennon is a UFA in 2021. He almost certainly won’t be re-signed. Minshew and Luton are still on their rookie deals. New regime will determine if a “veteran” presence is needed in the QB room. Joe Burrow did just fine this year with Brandon Allen and Finley holding the clipboard.
  12. This is right. Watch the post game interview he finally gave from his home. This is your QB...your team leader? He had a terrible game, he ran away from his responsibility (post game interview) and came across as a man who was thoroughly beaten down. You can’t walk back from that (on top of everything else) and command the respect of your locker room I do hope he figures things out and gets another chance
  13. Leaving nothing to chance...I wouldn't have been surprised if they opted to take another look at Luton 👍
  14. Heinecke in the 2nd half is the only chance WFT has to make this competitive
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