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  1. I know that when he goes on the attack after any negative press I think "I know why there will never be peace in the Middle East."
  2. They are installed in a bunch of Chik-Fil-A's. Also Univ of Oklahoma is installing them in over 2000 dorm room for this year.
  3. I think a workable solution would be something like this... Synexis Sentry https://synexis.com/microbial-reduction-products/ At a cost of $2k per unit/classroom.
  4. He said "anyone who wants a test can get a test" NOT "anyone who wants a test with results can get a test with results".
  5. There's 3 reasons why I think a "successful" "billionaire" "businessman" President would move $millions from his campaign to his private businesses. #1: His businesses are not successful #2: He's likely not a $billionaire - far from it. #3: He's moved a hell of a lot more money than is what is being reported.
  6. Don't most Mild/Moderates recover on their own after 14 days? If so what LL does between (on day 3 for instance) would seem most important to me anyways. I mean if it took on average 10 days to get over a common cold and I could take a new drug Shaqlimab and get over it in 3 days that's incredible. Sure in compared to the placebo group - both groups would have high recovery rates after 10 days, but improvement after 3 days would be a game changer.
  7. I posted a detailed analysis on my Twitter account for today's predictions
  8. Ha. I'll forward that to my family and friends. Ok. The chart posted is a simple chart. One that is straight forward and easy(er) to understand. My own charts are complicated. If I were to post a picture of them it would be like asking you to understand the Chinese interpretation of ancient Babylonian hieroglyphics. So it's dumbed down. A very simple way to understand trend is through Moving Averages. It is basic...but gives a good foundation on where price stands in the moment. Is $XYZ Bullish? Is XYZ Bearish? Ideally one would purchase $XYZ at the VERY beginning of a new Bullish Trend. One would then add to the position as long as the MA Lines remained in a Bullish position...adding when price tested those lines which act as support. In the case of the $CYDY chart posted - Trend turned Bullish in Dec 2019. And Price tagged the lower support in Feb, March and July. Since the trend remained Bullish - those would have presented excellent opportunities to add to or open a position. Sometimes that can be uncomfortable. You might ask why 34/89 MA? Most are familiar with the 50/200 MA identification of a trend. 34/89, I have found is faster and more accurate. There is no magic to it - just what I prefer and seems to hold no matter what the underlying stock happens to be. I want to be early in to a bull trend and early out when it flips. Feel free to test with you own positions - I'd be surprised if it doesn't perform. Often peopled get FOMO'd. They watched $CYDY go from $.30 to $10 and finally saw a chance when it dropped from there. Maybe they opened their position at $6.50 in early July, and have seen scare opportunity for any gain. When price explodes away from MA support - it is more common than not for it to come back and test (or for price to drift while the MA lines catch up), and the further from support it gets the harsher the move down is. $CYDY over the past month is a textbook example of a bull trend rocket from a charting perspective. But again - you read this board or Yahoo and it's easy to get scared out. What's your goal here - because you can't hit a home run if you are scared of the next pitch. Now understand. The future price imo is very difficult to predict. In general - the odds would favor up -based off how this chart looks...but good news doesn't necessarily mean tomorrow's "news". The OTC and small biotech companies are more miss than hit. I've experienced great news where the stock tanked. Anything can happen - and we should all be prepared for the very worst even if the news is good. Because the material event will have a huge impact on future price right now the technicals are less important - not irrelevant but not critical to providing the best road map for future price direction. I'm a big believer in taking a small portion of your portfolio and trying to hit HRs and Grand Slams (like 10% of your portfolio spread across 5 different positions). To me it's fun. I enjoy the stress of it too. But it's not for everyone or even most. I think if a person wanted to take their profits - they should and not think 2x about it. Each day and every trade is a new opportunity to learn something. And $CYDY will certainly be one of those we will all look back on and say - DAMN - one way or the other. Good luck to all of us.
  9. No. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring. $3.85 is just the next lower level of support. The material events will determine this thing - either good or bad. I asked what kind of chart someone is looking at to determine $CYDY is in Free Fall. Because unless you are looking at something on an extremely short term time frame (like 1 or 5 min chart) it's not in Free Fall at all. Price is just naturally testing levels of support. And again if you just showed me this chart with no text to it...I'd say from a chartist point of view it's a BUY.
  10. Understand - chart reading on an OTC stock with a material event incoming is...not the most reliable. With that said - unless you are or planning on day trading most people would be best served looking at a Daily Chart Time Frame. In that case $CYDY is in a strong bullish trend and price action today has moved it to the TOP LINE level of support (which is around $4.98). I always think in terms of ZONES over to the penny SPECIFIC PRICE. The next line of support is around $3.85. If you just showed me a picture of this chart...didn't tell me anything about the company involved...just the chart. I'd say wildly bullish looking chart and it's a strong by here with an additional add at that $3.85 level. Of course there is material event(s) on the horizon. Those can blow up the chart - especially an OTC one. I posted the chart on Twitter.
  11. What's the time frame on these charts you guys are reading?
  12. It's a great question. Another would be: If you or a loved one were infected with Covid and needed pharmaceutical treatment - knowing what you know about all potential treatment options available or in trial studies- which would you chose?
  13. Fear is a disease. Get rid of it or you're doomed for failure. Though I did hear Leronlimab cures it. This is NOT an investment. It is a Grand Slam Home Run or a Strike Out gamble in the stock market. Odds higher today for the GS than back in December to boot, but the strike out is still within the realm of possibilities. The chance to be in a position that goes from $.30 - $5.00 is EXTREMELY rare. Going from $.30-$20+...that's something you might not ever see again. BP spoke like 10 days ago and it seemed after that people were creaming like a 9th grader invited to the SR Prom. Was that all BS? To me the main thing going is why would this guy risk his reputation on an OTC company that no one knows about if the science isn't there - especially when he has seen it in action. The future of these results are unknown to us right now. There is no cipher to magically uncover the clues. Home Run or Strike out. It's not for everyone.
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