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  1. IM's pop up instantly, chat just flashes at the bottom like a missed call. If I'm working I want a message to pop up right away, same as if I'm sending a message I want answered asap
  2. Me too, yesterday. Was hoping to get the J&J vax, but those are tough to find
  3. Got mine yesterday. I have a craving for pickles and mustard. Weird
  4. I like it too, but it needs an IM feature. One time I logged in and there was a "walkie-talkie" button, but it did nothing and disappeared shortly after.
  5. I don't get what's not to get? A very good coach going to a historically very good program. He's a great recruiter and will give Marquette a great step in the right direction to getting back to prominence. Way better than Woj and more likely not looking at it as a stepping stone job.
  6. 1 at each position, I went 2 C for depth. 4 U. Wittgren not available. I will try to move a MR. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!
  7. Good format for him, but still not enough. Ended going Acuna Jr. Here's my team. Definitely lacking in Saves and who knows where else...lol. I'm not the strongest in FB.
  8. 1st pick in a 12 team 6x6 (QS and OBP, no wins) Leaning to Cole, dumb?
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