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  1. Conservative talk radio host from Milwaukee Mark Belling sat in for him often. But I don't think he's English. I never listened to Rush so I don't know if there was another Mark or not.
  2. My 61yr old bro in law got hit by a car pokemoning last year. He was fine just some scrapes, aches and pains. But wtf?
  3. Anyone near or in Pearland? My God-Daughter lives there and I haven't heard from her.
  4. Had a call a couple years ago from a head hunter that said these exact words to me. Told me about the job, it was for a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker with Stamping experience and it was a prefect fit, great money and benefits. Huh, I said to him, "I haven't been a Tool & Die Maker for the past 10 years". I'm a CAD Designer. Silence......... "Ok, well if something comes up I'll give you a ring". Click
  5. Relocation stipend is tax free, correct? It was for us when we were offered to move to the mothership when my company sold us. A very healthy sum too
  6. If she could run a 4.3 right out of showbusiness I'd be a happy camper. Can't stand her
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