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  1. Possibly Pollard depending on zeke or Coutee...all pretty close but I think playing the Jets and having no wr’s might put him over the top. Had Coutee in there to start.
  2. Got Kamara’d yesterday and thinking of throwing a Hail Mary with Hunt tomorrow. With 4 wr’s out due to COVID restrictions and Hunt being the receiving back I could see him being on the field a lot in a receiving role...at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Sound logic?
  3. one more week! how's Pitt's run defense? I know their pass rush is killer.
  4. I think sometimes McVay is too smart for his own good. Many games Henderson seemed to be running great, making big plays and he'd still only get a handful of touches. I agree that his time is up in this backfield.
  5. Does Dallas have a rb that can catch out of the backfield? Will Pollard have that role?
  6. Debating the same...Gallman, Hunt, Wilson or Pollard...had Gallman in there but considering Pollard. Who is the starting qb for the Giants?
  7. trade him? what are they going to give? they'll just wait until the Browns cut him if they really want him.
  8. I agree 100%. The only way I don't see this happening is if Clowney wows the Rams. Which is a very good possibility.St. L isn't taking Clowney with The 2 studs they already have at DE. They will trade that pick and the team moving up will be looking for Clowney, not Manziel.I think this is true. The Rams are in a weird spot. #2 pick, don't need the players most would put in the top 5 (QBs, DE, LT), but how far down can they trade? If this were FF it would be pretty easy to keep sliding down a spot or two, walk away with a plethora of later and 2015 picks. It's a terrific opportunity for th
  9. Always look forward to reading his posts - they are always well thought out and reasoned. Keep up the great posts!

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