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  1. Lamar moves pretty fast. If you don't stay up to watch him, you could miss it.
  2. Right, but they wasted 40 seconds to get closer for what purpose? The Falcons are preventing the big play. Take the FG with a minute left and two timeouts. You have to get an onsides kick regardless.
  3. They should have kicked from the 35 when there was still a minute left and they had two timeouts. It’s the only real chance they had. Never understood why. I guess coaches want the losing score to look better?
  4. Miami is 30th in passing offense and will be without DeVante Parker. Tampa is 32nd in passing defense and will be without Carlton Davis, Sean Murphy Bunting, and Antoine Winfield. Unstoppable force meets immovable object.
  5. They’re still checking guys for substance? That’s so April.
  6. I could listen to Smoltz talk pitching for 4 hours. So I will.
  7. He was definitely just working on someone’s house.
  8. They do not. But, that doesn't seem to matter somehow. They need him badly.
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