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  1. You're a great example. Looks like your initial losses were pretty drastic with 2-3 pounds per week. I also think once you get down to a certain point actual weight is less of a concern. If you're able to get to 190 that may be the time to hit the weights really hard, increase the nutritious calories, and put on some muscle. You may still weigh 200, but it will be a much different looking 200.
  2. This is where I was Monday morning after the Super Bowl. 217.0 after a lunch break run today.
  3. For sure. My goal is 200. I'll stick with the same lifestyle once I hit it. If I'm not losing more from there I don't know that I'll change much. I probably haven't been solidly under 200 in 15 years.
  4. At some point you’re going to be pretty close to your ideal weight. Right? If you’re over 6’ 200 will be a tough nut to crack and stay under. Especially if you still want to indulge occasionally.
  5. Definitely makes things easier when we're cooking as a family during the weekdays. Burger bowls tonight with 93/7 lean beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese, mustard.
  6. Things going well so far. I think it's mostly diet for me as I'm already seeing results. 100 calorie Optavia bars in the morning. Water all day. Salads for lunch. "Bowls" for dinner earlier than normal to avoid snacking. Taco/fajita night? Ditch the tortilla and put it in a bowl. Burgers? Ditch the bun and put it in a bowl. Cauliflower rice is your friend for a stir fry. Spaghetti? Spaghetti/butternut squash or zucchini. Weekends are typically lean protein, sauteed/roasted vegetable, salad. Low carbs all day. Laying off the chips and other salty snacks. Cut the drinking to two
  7. I don't see why he couldn't sign a long term back loaded extension in Tampa. Amari Cooper got 5 years and $100M with $60M guaranteed. Only $12M in the first year. Offer Godwin close to the same thing, but put all the cap hit in years 3-5 when Brady is likely to be gone. He's only 24.
  8. Needs to go to a contender with a good QB.
  9. Only one other Super Bowl winning QB has won one after changing teams and Manning didn't do it in his first year. I can't really find if there are free agent QB's who've won a Super Bowl in their first year with a new team, but there can't be many, if any. Add in that there was no real off-season to learn the offense. Lose arguably their best defensive player in week 5. 7-5 start to the season. Win 8 in a row to close it out including beating 3 Super Bowl MVP's in the playoffs on their way? Two of them on the road. Fair enough. I'm certainly biased, but it seems pretty legendary to me.
  10. It certainly does. Extensions for Jensen and Smith would help. Hell, Brady may even want to tack on another year or two. Mike Evans has already said he'd restructure. I tend to agree they can't re-sign all their own core guys (Shaq, Godwin, LVD) AND land Watt+ AB, Suh, Gronk, Fournette. Unless someone (Watt) wants to play for well below market value to ring chase.
  11. The circumstances with which this Super Bowl was won should make it go down as one of the greatest championship accomplishments in sports history. Not just the NFL.
  12. I want to see Shaq re-signed, but bringing him back wouldn't preclude them from signing Watt. Shaq plays OLB in Bowle's 3-4. Watt would likely be replacing Suh or Gholston if they wanted to sign him. Personally, I'd prefer they keep those two over Watt. Suh hasn't missed a game since 2011, and Gholston has been quietly good for a long time and is super cheap.
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