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  1. Left him in for 7.2 and 14 K's last time out!
  2. They've been that way since 2017, and really hard for me to watch since then. It's like the team approach that worked so well in 2016 is now lost on everyone but Rizzo. They seem to have a "we won the series, time to get mine" mentality.
  3. Still going strong. Down to 206.2 after starting at 225.4 day after the Super Bowl. Belts have tightened up a notch. Clothes are fitting significantly better. Solid checkup at the doc with BP, cholesterol, and triglycerides all now at normal healthy levels. Big reason why I committed to this is his warning that I was a "heart attack waiting to happen" (at 38) if I didn't make any changes. Sleeping better. Feeling better. Expect to crack 200 in a couple weeks.
  4. That too. He’s being brought in for a very specialized role. 3rd down receiving RB threat was the most glaring weakness on the offense.
  5. Agree. White's value was magnified by NE's lack of weapons. Brady doesn't have that issue in TB.
  6. Fills the last real “need” for the Bucs. I was surprised he was still around. “Just” 29. RBs last a bit longer when they’re the receiving variety.
  7. Or Scotty Miller. Or a healthy OJ Howard. Or a draft pick.
  8. You can't screw over three different NFL franchises and expect to garner much interest. It has nothing to do with his agent. The fact that all these other guys have already re-signed with Tampa and he hasn't speaks volumes about what AB is all about. Hell, Brady force fed this guy the ball so he could hit incentives late in the year. He hasn't changed. The Bucs are doing him a favor by offering a contract at all. They don't need him.
  9. Why? After he retires. Sure... There's no need to have a plan until then. Ask the Patriots how they feel about it.
  10. A worthwhile lotto ticket to me. Fresh start away from the disaster that is the Jets could be all he needs.
  11. Nice move for Carolina. That's basically nothing.
  12. The quote was bashing the Bucs' organization, which clearly is just fine without Winston as a part of it. Winston brought the organization down a lot more than the other way around. That's all I'm saying.
  13. Lol. Yet the Bucs were able to somehow find their rudder immediately after Jameis' departure.
  14. In games or are you referring to the pro day? It was posted up thread that he had the best drop % in the entire draft class.
  15. Carolina wanted that one. They looked really good.
  16. Yes, employers can ask and also require it. We've given everyone a day of PTO for getting vaccinated, but aren't requiring it. I am requiring proof of vaccination to take the day though. The employer is not able to divulge information specifically who has/hasn't been vaccinated due to HIPPA.
  17. The paleo/keto plans are ~700-800 per serving so far. I think if you use a promo code I give you we'll both get discounted weeks, coupons, etc.
  18. This. Incentivize. I’m giving everyone a full day of PTO.
  19. Green Chef They're expensive. High end of these services I imagine. Their site says $11.99 per serving and then another $8.99 to ship the box. We're doing 6 servings a week, so a little over $80. There are all kinds of promo deals and I'm getting coupons all the time, so if you're interested I can send them. My first 4 weeks were discounted and I can skip weeks or cancel whenever. The food is all organic. Several spices/sauces I've never used before, and things you don't think to buy at the grocery store (roasted beets the other night were amazing; I've never had beets before).
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