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  1. Slippery slope ... I don't agree with the guy but I wouldn't ruin my life by potentially contributing to hurting/killing someone who's a Nazi . And think about this ... repercussions of contributing to a potential death . It's a real scary thing . . being a Nazi propaganda idiot is apart of free speech ian Legal unfortunately ... accessory to murder or man slaughter isn't .. let me know when you or anyone else is willing to sit in jail over some dumb#### .... Zero % ?
  2. Point blank.... as big bigger guy who has hurt someone with one punch ... THINK before you react bc it could potentially land you in prison . Unlike many it seems.. when I saw dude get knocked out in the video all I saw was a defenseless unsuspecting person being hurt that could lead to the aggressor getting a murder/manslaugjter charge while others laughed/watched who could also face charges . No matter what you think about his beliefs violence/anger isn't solved with violence/anger esp when you have zero authority. I for one aren't ruining my life for some racist dip#### .. neither should u People went and tweeted his location and bs are also guilty for not only wanting attention but promoting potential violence instead of alerting authorities .
  3. Still going to finish 2 games under .500 along with NY so what's the difference ? ?
  4. I also attended St. Marks so have an open mind here... but.. that article (got halfway through before I went blind from my eyes rolling to the back of my head) painted both as complete losers IMO .. just different types the writer obviously is jealous of Spencer's notoriety/fame which takes presidence over anything . He's also possibly obsessed romantically with a Nazi that doesn't love him back. The writer who has given zero thought in years (yet remembers exact random details to degrade) about Soencer while also making it clear how beneath him he was on every level along with anyone else, takes every opportunity to dumb Soencer down while boasting about himself . Has to suck wanting to be acknowledged for a genius writer and you're losing to a dumb Nazi.... who you're also in love with and would play 2nd fiddle to intellectually at party even though he used your crib notes in school . ?
  5. Collinsworth is guessing what Packers should do after watching tape for 30 years while Romo 1 game in is calling exact plays ???? Smh
  6. I believe that ... those spicy chicken sandwiches & honey butter chicken biscuits with a sweet tea hit the SPOT .... they don't serve alcohol at college games, right? Haven't been to a game in years .. & they just showed some food items that Arthur Blank wouldn't raise prices on.... dude must be a stoner .... Jerry Jones johnmy walker blue drinking ### charges $6.50 for a water ....
  7. Why the hell Chick-fil- A is a sponsor for the falcons stadium yet won't serve on Sunday'is beyond me ...
  8. Yikes... dude was always nice to me, hit me with his info (always quick which he never had to do) & made me $$$... esp NBA he was a catch-22 so kinda sad .. this was his place to be "someone" that obv contradicted his actual life . Yumg buck tho .. maybe In time time big dog will let him back in if he apologizes & stops crossing the line Just curious if he's actually hitting winners
  9. Obv I wasnt around for almost a year so not asking for some detailed spiel but did Rude ban the hottest tout handicapper for good? Briefly saw some posts few weeks ago an can guess what happened .. Is the dude hitting picks ? only ask bc I don't do twitter
  10. Anyone else like Dak o17.5 rush yards ? Didn't see what Goo or Swirv thought
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