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  1. I think a company wide email calling out those 401k laggards is in order.
  2. Yup, its happened to me before. I think you're talking about "safe harbor". Basically you and all your big baller colleagues are contributing far more than all the poor folks in the company and the government don't like that. Google it for a far better explanation.
  3. An HSA is available for high deductible plans right? Not to brag, but I don't even have a deductible. Maybe I should hurt myself more so I can at least get my monies worth. All I ever use it for is the occasional PC visit. We do have a cheaper plan that has a $2.5k single/$5k family. Do I need to talk to my HR to see if that would qualify? Knowing my kids, if I switch to that plan they'll start hurting themselves and I'll be in your situation.
  4. Yup, same here. I wish people would stop talking about it in this thread b/c I'm getting jealous.
  5. I know nothing about bonds. That being said, for something like this, is the performance of that not what it appears to be?
  6. I guess that makes sense if you're a mayonnaise and pickles type.
  7. I like the idea of that. Does it seem reasonable that wage they'll get paid after that reduced pay training period be within the ballpark of what they can get elsewhere?
  8. While its a fair point, that might not always necessarily be the case. A lot of times, companies will try and squeeze more out of existing employees. Or companies might outsource more. I just don't think that its safe to assume that if companies can't find people with the right experience, they'll start hiring people without the right experience.
  9. If you're talking about high school grads, then the majority do in fact go to college. Regardless, I thought we were talking about people graduating from college and needing experience to get their first job.
  10. I honestly don't know how kids coming right out of school start off. I was fortunate to go to a good grad school straight from college so I had a well paying job right from the beginning. If you weren't able to get sufficient experience while in school (during the summer for instance) and you need to pay the bills (don't have the luxury of being able to live at home, be on your parents health insurance, have parents that will give you spending money), that puts you in a really tough spot; certainly a lot harder than those folks that have those parental accommodations.
  11. that's cool. looks like pnc does that as well. i need to try that.
  12. Must be a regional thing b/c I've used it at mine
  13. Wanted to drop this cabbage recipe in here in case someone might enjoy it. Super easy, super tasty and pretty healthy. I just use a handful of the bacon crumbles that kirkland sells instead of frying up some slices; easier that way and probably healthier without the excess grease. Only downside is I typically wind up finishing the entire head in one day since I have no self control so I gets some gas. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/196732/fried-cabbage-with-bacon-onion-and-garlic/
  14. I see the example in the article which is conveniently right in line with what I was thinking as far as LTC needs. I wish they would've given the clients age. If its say 60, that's a tough call there. I financially plan (not saying that's how long I'll make it) to live until 100 and the break even point for that policy would be 88. Now if instead if it was 70 where she's getting that quote, that's a different story. I do like the idea of the one lump sum payment. Another downside of LTC is the premium increases which can be significant and its not like you can just switch to another pol
  15. When pricing long term care, just keep in mind the caps on daily and total payouts. I'm probably just going to allocate $100k/yr (today's dollars) for 4 years and just skip the ltc. If I need it, I'll have it. If I don't, the grandkids or a charity get a nice chunk of cash. If I go over the 4 years, I'd probably be screwed even with LTC since they usually don't cover that much duration.
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