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  1. I guess it was either jan or sit around until sept to fight the winner of costa/whitaker. He's clearly the best 185er so he took the challenge.
  2. You and Suzy Orman are not happy about this. I voluntarily underpay so much each year that I get hit with a penalty, but I make more investing the underpayment throughout the year so I haven't been motivated to submit a new w4.
  3. I've recently got into the air popper as well. I like a good crunchy salty snack and this is about as healthy as it gets while still tasting good. I've typically done salt with a few sprays of cooking spray to help the salt stick. I'm kicking it up a notch with the flavacol. Obviously not good if you have hypertension, but for me, blood pressure is good and all the potatoes I eat help offset the sodium. Speaking of potatoes, my new go to is slicing them up using the mandolin and baking on a cookie sheet to get them nice and crisp so they turn out like a thick potato chip fry but y
  4. @Hooper31 Thanks for updating us on your progress. You seem to be handling it well. Good luck.
  5. I think a company wide email calling out those 401k laggards is in order.
  6. Yup, its happened to me before. I think you're talking about "safe harbor". Basically you and all your big baller colleagues are contributing far more than all the poor folks in the company and the government don't like that. Google it for a far better explanation.
  7. An HSA is available for high deductible plans right? Not to brag, but I don't even have a deductible. Maybe I should hurt myself more so I can at least get my monies worth. All I ever use it for is the occasional PC visit. We do have a cheaper plan that has a $2.5k single/$5k family. Do I need to talk to my HR to see if that would qualify? Knowing my kids, if I switch to that plan they'll start hurting themselves and I'll be in your situation.
  8. Yup, same here. I wish people would stop talking about it in this thread b/c I'm getting jealous.
  9. I know nothing about bonds. That being said, for something like this, is the performance of that not what it appears to be?
  10. I guess that makes sense if you're a mayonnaise and pickles type.
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