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  1. Sounds like these ibonds are great place to dump some money that I had targeted for a 529 and will need in a few years. Added perk that earnings are entirely tax exempt if used for education.
  2. Especially if you're traveling a ways to get to the show. I have no concern about getting my money back, but to make the trip usually in a tight window just to have to turn around is crap.
  3. I would expect he would just cancel your purchase. I highly doubt he's just gonna eat the difference. If this is your idea of entertainment, go ahead and please report back.
  4. I wouldn't say required, but its gonna be a much better experience with it. It's only like 4 bucks a month so no reason not to get it.
  5. On smoothstreams yes but I think they aren't accepting new subs
  6. Just follow the steps in here. And of course you'll want real-debrid to go along with that.
  7. Hell no. That's all I use. Well actually OSMC which is essential a kodi OS for raspberry pis me thinks. The Crew video plugin has been almost rock solid for a couple of years now it seems. There was a stretch where video plugins were hot then not, but I've been on a good run with The Crew. That and my sports plugin SmoothStreams is all I've been using for a long time.
  8. Nothing worse than yellow line lies. Get your act together fox.
  9. The one he doinked from 57 hit half way up the upright. Boy got some leg.
  10. LOL. They were all celebrating before it even got to the goalposts.
  11. Mason Crosby on suicide watch. If he doesn't kill himself, Rodgers will.
  12. Buchner with another pick. By my count, in the 2nd half, he has more completions to the opposition than to his own receivers. Just a terrible thrower of the football.
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