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  1. But that was the standard. We're talking 16 years where ND was no longer one of the elite programs. Even Holtz's last 3 years were just ok and certainly not up to the standard you seem to expect. His best days were behind him and it was time to move on. Its pretty obvious that its no longer a draw for the top recruits in the country. The fact that Kelly can produce consistently winning programs with the level of talent that ND has to work with is a testament to his coaching ability.
  2. I could care less about Kelly getting past a guy that last coached prior to my dad even being born. What stands out to me is Kelly's 105-39 record against the combined record of 91-68 of his 3 predecessors. His record of 46-8 over the past 4+ years ain't too shabby either.
  3. Classic ND this year. Lack of skill position one play followed by lack of OL the next.
  4. Tough throw. Not much separation and under pressure as usual. I was just happy that there wasn't a strip from the RDE getting pressure. Receivers don't have speed nor are they big and physical. Its not like Buchner is some elite runner like a Lamar Jackson. Hopefully he develops the passing ability to compliment his solid running. Sure the running game would benefit but we'd be so one dimensional with that one dimension just ok.
  5. Currently yes. Buchner clearly has more potential, but he's a true freshman that didn't even play his senior year of hs. It would be a disaster putting him in there with this mediocre talent around him. Coan gives ND the best chance to win now.
  6. Notre Dame's receivers aren't very good. They have a good tight end, a solid rb and that's about it.
  7. How about everyone else? Entire michigan stadium aside from husky portion looked like they were wearing maize. Thats got to be easily 50k non-student fans.
  8. Do they just put a shirt on every seat when they have everyone wearing the same shirt? How do they know the size or does everyone just get a xxxl?
  9. Pretty much nothing good. I do like some of the columnists on espn and most of their good stuff is no longer free so I pretty much just overpay for that.
  10. I didn't even notice that it was close. This announcer has all my attention.
  11. This is like a home again for Texas A&M. All the colorado students are probably in their dorms stoned.
  12. Announcer excitement overrides any rule technicalities like the receiver not getting a foot down.
  13. Is Gus Johnson's love child announcing this A&M game? Guy is bringing the fire.
  14. Well he's won 10 games 4 of the past 5 years. He's due for a down year. Talent is clearly not there.
  15. QB by committee must of always been on the table. No way you yank your starting qb that's 8-11 for a TD and a fumble. Played great last week.
  16. He was 7-11 for 88 yards and a td. That's some short leash for your starting qb.
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