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  1. Georgia, Tennessee or.....Virginia? I'm guessing Maryland. Nothing gets past the cross eyed feline
  2. Sister 7? http://www.sister7.com I've also seen a couple good and a couple brutal Smashing Pumpkins shows. Patrice Pike was fat? Nice ink in any case. Just sayin.
  3. Not dementia. She had a stroke January of 2014. She's 90% better but has trouble finding the right words sometimes, has a harder time reading and has a tougher time making decisions. She has lived with us since then. She is perfectly fine taking care of herself, she's just scared. There's a whole backstory that I can't really share of some crazy LifeTime Original type stuff from her childhood that has created her fear issues so I'm sympathetic, but she's also the most negative person I've ever met. It's completely toxic to be around. She's like an emotional vampire. It's taken a gigantic toll
  4. So you let her stay at your place for a while and you take the apartment. Show her how safe it really is (if that is the case).
  5. That leaves two options, the deadbolt wasnt locked at all at the time of the break-in, or your MIL staged the break-in so she can move back in with you.
  6. Art values are driven by the lazy trust fund babies who did not earn their wealth. Discuss.
  7. Awesome Pack!! Great news!!!!!! An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day Be excellent, but not TOO excellent. Harmony is bad for business.
  8. Not a surprise. They are the Mariners. This is Hannibal bad. And I thought the Os were bad. ETA: Microsoft Edge on windows 10 is a goat, and NOBODY wants a goat!
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