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  1. Figured it was time Baker got his own thread. What a season it has been: Walter Camp player of the year AP player of the year Maxwell Award Davey O'Brien The most efficient QB in CFB history (twice over) Oh and just hand the man the Heisman... Scouts are saying he has improved his draft stock to be a first rounder. So where does he go? Let's assume all the QB needy teams scoop up the "premium" QB's Rosen, Darnold, and Allen earlier in the draft. Who is a QB needy team which will be drafting later in the first? My guess? Jacksonville. They a
  2. What happened today? 2 pt stinker in my championship. Doh!
  3. Boomer Sooner baby!!! So stoked for this team!!! Even if we don't win again, what a season!!
  4. Ben just zones in on Brown. This guy was better off with Vick/Landry. What a waste of talent. No wonder he's smoking it up.
  5. If Perine and Mixon didn't fumble then the game would have been out of reach before halftime. I'm not overly concerned about the D. In the big 12 bend but don't break is the name of the game. Just gotta contain these high powered offenses. U can't expect to shut them down. The offense is starting to exceed my expectations. At least, the QB play and the WRs. Offensive line still needs work, and the run game is just starting to get going. BOOMER
  6. Logan Thomas didn't suit up and Stoops is pretty pissed about it. Never heard coach call out a kid like that in a post game conference. We should find out soon what happened there. I was stuck working today; got called in 3@ minutes before kickoff. Forgot to set DVR. Only got to see highlights on soonersports.com.... Wish I could have watched Baker set records today. D has for a lot of work to do. U know this is a young team when they are so Jeckyl and Hyde. Texas might be interesting as they have some young talent themselves.... Don't look past WVU. BOOMER
  7. Big win on the road against an up and coming SEC team. Hopefully this very young OU team can build on this game and keep the momentum going! I am not going to lie, at 17-0 I thought they were in big trouble and I all but wrote them off. I was even asking for Knight after Baker threw pick #2, but that just shows you Stoops knows a hell of a lot more than me! BOOMER!
  8. This kid looks like Earl Campbell. He's 5'11", 243lbs. He's not a plodder. Surpising speed and insane power. Today he's got 375 yards and 5 TDs. On his way to breaking the FBS record which was just broken last week. Still a whole quarter+ left in the game... He's a stud in the making, and only a freshman. And he doesn't seem like a head case like Joe Mixon. If he's not on your radar, he's is now. I'll post some video links later when I get home. Boomer! <title edited by FBG Mod to help with searching>
  9. This was downright embarrasing. Congratz to the Pokes fans. At least they had something to play for anyways. Did OU even make it to the cotton bowl? :facepalm:
  10. Boomer Sooner! Sure wish we coulda beat a Stanford or Ohio State team, but a BCS win is just fine!!
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