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  1. This thread just took a sharp turn straight downhill.Who are all these noobs crawling out of the woodwork? Member #40,000, isn't that a bit much to trash-talk me?Can't we all just get along.Also, how did it take you 45 minutes to do a 30 minute video. He could be like my buddy who just started this a month ago. He stated "It takes 5 minutes for the ripple effect stop". he's dropped a ton in 4 weeks though. Seriously though, you stop when you can't keep up then restart. Are you serious? First of all, you need to make sense. Do you mean you restart the exercise, the video, or what? Or do you
  2. Plyo Cardio today Off Day tomorrow Week 5 starts Wed.
  3. Thinking about trying out for my college team next spring. I've always liked lacrosse because it's like hockey without the gay ice skating. I just have to keep my workout up.
  4. I've always taken these fit tests with a grain of salt, but how f'ing strong do your leg muscles have to be to do a full squat and come back to a jack position every .759 seconds? You must be able to leg press 3x your body weight..
  5. ####### ####. I'm pretty sure one of my downstairs roommates just stole that whole case and even the bottle too, four minutes after I posted that picture. I'm so glad it wasn't mine.
  6. So not drunk. Although as I was pulling out my jar of apple sauce from the fridge I noticed a perfectly chilled Coors Light bottle sitting in the top rack. This is my fridge btw.
  7. you're really not believable at this point.but keep doing your thing. someone is sure to buy it. :confused:Not sure what isn't believable here. Other than the fact that there are people who are so obsessed with this thing but don't own it, to the point that they will expend tremendous effort trying to discredit one of the most hugely successful consumer electronics products we have seen in years. BUT OTIS, THEY ARE ALL FANBOYS AND WERE FOOLED BY APPLE MARKETING!!!!!!Chase Stuart clearly = Otis' alter-ego
  8. Tania Ante Baron Love a hot asian chick with an English last name. Miss BARON, konichi-wa.
  9. :Berry: I hit 140 bpm today. I probably haven't done that in a few years for sure. I was dripping about 15 drops of sweat/minute on the floor during the cool-down stretch. GB Shaun T According to wiki, I was working at about 70% Intensity Example for someone with a HRmax of 180 (age 40, estimating HRmax as 220 − age): 65% intensity: (220 − (age = 40)) * 0.65 → 117 bpm 85% intensity: (220 − (age = 40)) * 0.85 → 153 bpm Probably true since I took multiple breaks to prepare for basketball drills
  10. Week 3 begins on Wednesday for me. Still feeling good even though I've had to start the last couple of workouts a few minutes before midnight (due to a slight case of OCD I would consider it breaking the regiment if I didn't actually start it on the actual date that I was supposed to). I feel good. Not brass balls good but take my shirt off before I open the pool gates good.
  11. Guy buys a new computer device and starts a thread to discuss it with others who have bought it and/or are interested in buying it. A bunch of dudes who hate said electronic device come in and pee all over the place with vigor and might. Some are pretty serious and start taking it personal. Pretty typical shark pool thread. Otis buys an enlarged iPod and starts a thread to discuss it's life altering capabilities. A few dudes come in to question the hype expressed by Otis and several others. Otis gets offended and in typical fashion attempts to mock detractors with large font, italicsand lots
  12. I think if anyone doesn't sweat bullets then they are doing it wrong. There's no way anyone can do 45 minutes of intense physical exercise without their body caving in.
  13. It's helping me fight my depression. Between my tires getting slashed and my roommates keeping me awake until 3 in the morning with their music, it helps to know that this summer I'll be fodder for many vajinas when the pools open up. :ShawnT:
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